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Exceptional quality, finished ring and packaging, shown here with the Ursa Marquise ring brand new this year.

Where to have your engagement ring made – making the wisest choice.

We all hate to make mistakes. Most of us accept that a high quality diamond engagement ring is going to be expensive, but few people realised they can end up paying twice the price. That’s right. You read that correctly. Twice the price.

Cutting out the middleman 

Many high street chains rely heavily on their brand power. Their name alone brings in sales, so they can usually markup manufactured engagement rings at 200% – 300% and they will make sales. Online, brand names dominate. Very few buyers click over to page 2 or page 3 of search engines. Why should they? Buying a well know brand name usually gives buyers reassurance, but this is not always the best judgement.

The problem with big brand names is that you don’t always get true value, expertise or the full package. When we looked at some average engagement ring prices, which we’ll revise this year, this point was proven. As a smaller specialist company selling making engagement rings to order, we were able to reduce the cost significantly or increase what we delivered, significantly.

High street retail 

High street stores, usually sell using this basic line of supply.

Raw materials (gold / diamonds) purchased by manufacturer. Manufacturer adds margin on finished item. Manufacturer sells to retailer. Retailer adds significant margin and sells to public, packaged and backed with a high street name. The problem is that there is an additional margin within the supply chain.

How do we differ when making engagement rings

If you have asked yourself the question about where to have your engagement ring made, and the answer has been Serendipity Diamonds, you have already saved a significant cost. Because we manufacture your jewellery, adding a small margin to the finished item, we can afford to reduce the cost of regular high street stores by 40% – 70% and give more at the same time.

Advantages include

A few of the advantages from commissioning your ring with ourselves, include the following :

Price, working out to 40% – 70% below equivalent high street cost.

Expert 1-2-1 guidance from a diamond jewellery expert. Our team do not hold face to face appointment until they have completed 2 years of training!

Taking the time to do a great job. No rush work. No 2-3 day rings made in a rush. Most of our rings made to order take anywhere between 3 and 6 weeks depending on the design. Sooner if we have a finished ring mount already made.

Build your own ring. Our website allows a client to put their basic details together online with a precise ring builder to arrive at the final cost. For overseas clients this also adds tax and shipping before payment.

Several thousand options for most engagement rings. We don’t persuade you to purchase our shop stock. Instead you have the freedom to choose a complete range of precious metals and diamond qualities.

Meticulous craftsmanship. Our reviews speak for themselves. We pride ourselves on making sure jewellery is perfect before it is delivered. Some clients request photographs, we honour this and stand by our final work.

GIA assurance. For certification we tend to favour diamonds graded by the Gemological Institute of America. Considered the World’s foremost diamond grading laboratory.

60 days returns. Like we say, our finished work speaks for itself. If you don’t like it, then send it back unworn and receive a 100% refund.

Amazing packaging. 2 years to develop, we now present all items in luxury packaging, sent Worldwide by tracked courier. Engagement rings benefit from the additional pocket box included.

Lifetime warranty. This is something that each client receives automatically to protect against any manufacturing defects or faults in the rare instance that there should be any issue. Always backed by an immense amount of goodwill.

Final word

If you have read the above information, and you are still unsure where to have your engagement ring made, then why not get in touch and see how we respond. Read some of our online reviews and judge for yourself. Many of the designs can be provided through our sample ring service if you cannot get to see us. This can be an issue for many overseas clients. Amidst the larger brand names, we are often found by chance, hence our name Serendipity, meaning the discovery of something fortunate by chance. Whether you find us this way or by recommendation, we’d love to be put to the test and our finished work usually speaks for itself.

Mark Johnson

About Mark Johnson

Mark attended Liverpool University and went on to pursue a career in the diamond industry. After more than a decade working in polished diamonds, Mark moved to the Isle of Wight where he launched Serendipity Diamonds. He works most days from their busy Ryde showroom, photographing jewellery and writing for the Serendipity Diamonds website.

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