11 Accessories for the Ultimate Social Butterfly


On seeing a Butterfly, we start envying for its beauty and freedom. Being a social butterfly is not all that easy. It takes a lot of effort to behold and fall into the characteristics of confident speech and mastered talks. Being a social butterfly, you would throw a lot of parties so, we understand that it is important to brush up your appearance and be the centre of attraction. We have also carefully picked up some beautiful designs of a butterfly to beautify yourself. To show the world that you are a social butterfly, pick up your favourite choice from these butterfly designs, specially designed for people like you for your efforts.

Everyone would like to wear accessories that perfectly match their outfits for a complete look. Choosing the right accessories to match the attire is important, especially as a social butterfly. Having just chased after butterfly during our childhood, now let us hold and wear them on reality to cherish back those memories. Here are some of these delicate fluttering social butterfly collection that has a hint of gleam and lightness.

Must-Have Accessories for the Social Butterfly in you!

butterfly Rings

Shimmering diamond butterflies to elevate any attire. This fashion-forward pearl is a true statement piece for a social butterfly. The crystal white pearl is wrapped and held high in the centre by the two beautiful butterflies and the yellow gold prongs on either side.  The butterflies hug the pearl in such a way making it look twice as big the original size. Whether you go for modern or ethnic outfits, the combination of yellow gold and white pearl pairs well with all. With attractive lustre, this butterfly design is sure to be cherished for the lifetime.

Dangle Butterfly Earrings 

Butterfly Dangle Earrings for the Social Butterfly

For the one who likes to make a statement with their jewelry, here are the royal red emperor dangle butterfly earrings to match your scene-stealing ensembles. With the pear-shaped pink spinel gemstone, you experience the charm of the stone and the yellow gold. Either hang your dainty butterfly to wear it as a fashion drop earrings or detach the drops to wear it as a stud. The pear cut butterfly earrings shine and dangle down to steal the show. Keep it constant on your ears for any kind of outfit.

Delicate butterfly Ring

Delicate Ring for the Social Butterfly

This open shaped butterfly design features white gold buffed on one side of the band with heart atop and rose gold on the other side with diamond butterfly at the end. Two round cut shimmering diamonds of different sizes decorate each of the wings whereas six diamond stones decorate the cute little heart. The finely crafted butterfly diamond ring can be adjusted according to the size of the finger and makes a comfort ring. Match it up with dangling butterfly earrings and complete the look and make the crowd adore this piece of the beautiful butterfly ring.

Double Loop butterfly Pendant

Double Loop Pendant for the Social Butterfly

Keep it casual yet elegant with this most adorable double loop butterfly pendant for the party. The eight round-cut diamonds beautifully dress up the outermost layer of the butterfly’s forewings whereas six round-cut diamonds design the hind wings of the butterfly. The rose gold polished branches decorate the center of the feathers and reach the top wing to meet a small loop on either side of the butterfly. The loops are placed on top of the forewings to gracefully hang on your neck to make it a statement piece. A plunging neckline long gown with this beautiful piece of butterfly jewelry is all enough to catch the eyes of the crowd. For simplicity lovers, this piece serves the best choice.

Butterfly Ear Cuffs

Ear Cuffs for the Social Butterfly

Classy and contemporary butterfly design to steal abundance of compliments. The four beautiful golden butterflies surround the front of your ears with a single butterfly stud holding all of them intact. Each of the butterflies shimmers with the four diamonds on the forewings and picture as if they are flying around happily. With the finely crafted details, the head, antenna and the loops on the hind wings add to the beauty of the butterfly. This eye-catching butterfly design goes well with either traditional or modern outfit with a sleek ponytail. The detachable butterfly stud can be replaced with the other favorite studs that you already have or worn individually at times to match your simple outfit. You can find nothing better than this voluminous butterfly earrings to embellish your ears.

butterfly Gap Rings

Gap Rings for the Social Butterfly

Go for this most trending butterfly design in the recent period when it comes to finger rings. The intricate detail on this butterfly design hovering on either side of the band indicates their freedom, giving a real look to the design. This gracefully designed piece of butterfly jewelry features white gold that is capped by two butterflies on either side. There are totally twenty-eight shimmering diamonds held inside the wings of the larger bigger butterfly whereas twelve diamonds on the wings of the smaller butterfly. The body of the butterflies is given a touch of rose gold enhancing the overall appearance. Whether you go for ethnic or traditional wear, this butterfly design is going to team up well with any outfit for a fashionable look.

Hidden Bail Butterfly Pendant

Hidden Bail Pendant for the Social Butterfly

Catch this rose gold butterfly before it flutters off.  Keep it casual with this quirky butterfly collection as the smaller pieces pack for a bigger punch. One of the forewings of the butterfly has fifteen glittering diamonds adding complete elegance to this butterfly design.  There are two bold diamonds decorating the body of the butterfly. The other side of the butterfly is left simple with minute details to give it an offbeat look. Buffed to a brilliant shine, this butterfly glides along rope chain that secures with a lobster clasp. Pick up this adorable butterfly pendant for an exquisite addition to your butterfly jewelry collection. Team it up with your modern outfit and rock the show.

Butterfly EarringsHoop Earrings for the Social Butterfly

Having shown popularity from the 60s through the 90s, it’s now back in trend with slight additions to the earlier designs. Will there be a woman who wouldn’t love hoop earrings? Among all the jewelry options, these earrings serve as the favourite for many women irrespective of the age. These hoop earrings are designed with minute details to make you flaunt off extreme beauty. The hoops are adorned with an array of shimmering diamonds along its length with a small butterfly sitting on it. The cute little butterfly is embellished with diamonds on its wings. Finished with a buffed shine, these hoops secure with hinged backs. Wearing this piece of jewelry with a sequin dress and hair left loose is more than enough to catch up the eyes of the crowd. 

Multi-stone Butterfly Ring

 Multistone Ring for the Social Butterfly

Wearing this Rosana Multiple Stone Diamond Butterfly Ring is sure to arise a doubt amongst people for a real butterfly sitting on your finger. The finely crafted butterfly design having a segmented body, lively antenna and beautifully designed wings make it a statement piece of butterfly jewelry. There are eighteen diamonds beautifying the forewings and twelve diamonds beautifying the hind wings. The touch of white gold and rose gold on the overall butterfly design further adds beauty to the ring. For those who specifically go for picking up a butterfly themed ring, this would serve as the best choice. This cute piece of butterfly jewelry goes well with Modern as well as Traditional outfits.

butterfly Pendant with Bail

Pendant with Bail for the Social Butterfly

Move a little away from picking pendants that have usual designs. Unity is the strength; this what the design is trying to emphasize. Two beautiful hearts join together to form a butterfly pendant. One heart is embellished with nineteen diamonds, whereas the other heart is left plain with a matt finish. The two kissing hearts form a diamond-shaped body of the butterfly and to enhance its head, a single small diamond comes in with a bold look. The heads of the antenna are securely hinged to a circular metal which attaches to a hook that sways from a chain. The combination of shimmering diamonds on one heart and the glowing yellow gold on the other heart goes well to create a stunning piece of butterfly collection. Pair this adorable butterfly pendant with your modern crop top for a stunning look.

butterfly Stud Earring

Stud Earrings for the Social Butterfly

A simple yet completely elegant and feminine design! For those who love simplicity, the best choice of purchase is here. The entire piece of this butterfly jewelry is made of rose gold with matte finish texture with glimmering diamond accents line the body of the butterfly, providing that extra sparkle. The buffed rose gold gives the look of a flower with petals open unfolding its carpel. This versatile butterfly collection is suitable for daily wear considering its simple and hassle-free design. These butterfly studs are held securely with friction backs. The shapes and structure of the butterfly look very realistic and attractive. It teams up well with your evening gowns.

These gorgeous pieces of butterfly themed jewelry always have something to convey around. Whether you’re frugal or have the love for jewelry and spend a lot on it, it’s all about hand choosing that distinct piece that you love and would cherish forever. Hope you have got an idea on picking the right accessory to match your outfit. Now you can beautify yourself to fly high with joy and flourish as a charismatic figure to the surrounding as a social butterfly.

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