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“The only thing that is constant is change” – Heraclitus

When it comes to fashion, women are always looking for a change so they appear fashionably novel with the latest trends and styles. Be it clothes, makeup or gold and diamond jewellery, most of them don’t think twice before investing in the latest, trending products.

This very desire of women to keep themselves updated makes them want more. Keeping the tastes and preferences in mind, Candere – An online initiative by Kalyan Jewellers has introduced its The Detachables Collection with beautiful changeable gold and diamond.

The Detachables Collection is inspired by the changing tastes of modern women who don’t like settling for one design when they have the option to get more! A unique collection by Candere, the Detachables collection offers changeable gold and diamond jewellery that can be worn according to your outfit and mood.

The name detachables sounds intriguing, isn’t it? Well, the collection is quite intriguing.

Top Designs of The Detachables – Diamond & Gemstone Collection

1. Jharokha Changeable Diamond Earrings

Teardrop earrings are the best way to add some glam to your face. After studs, teardrop earrings are considered to be the best pieces of jewellery to invest in. While studs are classic, teardrops are considered to be casual and more substantial. You can match metal tear-drops, or embellished drops or the ones with colour, with almost all outfits. Planning to invest in teardrop earrings? Check out the Jharokha Changeable Diamond Earrings – 2 different styles in one. Aren’t these a true value to your money?

2.Tyresta Changeable Diamond Pendant


TYRESTA CHANGEABLE DIAMOND PENDANTPendants are the simple jewellery pieces that add essence to your neckline. The best thing about necklaces is that they go well with almost every outfit. All it needs is to invest in a solid pendant and pick the perfect chain to go with it (length of the chain). Take a look at this beautiful Tyresta Changeable Diamond Pendant which can be worn all day. The best thing about the pendant is that it easily transforms from day to night. You can detach the inner triangle for an easy casual look.

3. Amulya Changeable Gemstone Pendant

AMULYA CHANGEABLE DIAMOND GEMSTONE PENDANTYou may also like the Amulya Changeable Gemstone Pendant from the Detachables collection if you are looking for something that matches the colour of your outfit. The gemstone can be changed as per your liking.

4. Whimsy Solitaire Heart Stackable Diamond Ring

WHIMSY SOLITAIRE HEART STACKABLE DIAMOND RINGA good solitaire finger ring is considered to be an absolute necessity for making an elegant statement. A good ring is the one piece that can give an edge to your style giving a glimpse of your personal style. Say solitaire and people start imagining a ring with an oversized diamond. But you can do equal justice with a simple yet stylish solitaire ring. Take a look at this beautiful Whimsy Solitaire Heart Stackable Diamond Ring. Wear it as a single band or make a statement by wearing the two pieces together.

5. Estee Diamond Nose Pin

ESTEE DIAMOND NOSE PINNose pins and rings are often associated with tradition but modern women like to flaunt a nose pin as a little piece of jewellery that adds quirk to their overall look. There are different styles and designs in nose pins to go well with different outfits – both traditional and modern. Take a look at this Estee Diamond Nose Pin… the flower shaped nose pin can be used as two different pieces – with and without the petals. Isn’t it the perfect piece that adds quirk to your look?

6. Poker 4 in 1 Changeable Diamond Nose PinsPOKER 4 IN 1 CHANGEABLE DIAMOND NOSE PINS

If you are someone who prefers to go with small, delicate nose pins then the Poker 4 in 1 Changeable Diamond Nose Pins. With 4 changeable styles, this piece of beauty from the Detachables collection is true value for money.

Changeable jewellery is the future of jewellery and the Detachables collection offers the best changeable jewellery so you can wear it as per your liking. The collection offers earrings, pendants, rings and nose pins which can be detached to form a new style. Browse the Detachables collection at to pick the product you loved.


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