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There is always a beauty in simplicity. Nowadays, the majority of the woman prefer jewellery that has simple yet elegant designs over flashy ones. Mangalsutras, being an integral part of jewellery for a married woman, it is also her pride in expressing her marital happiness. They have well understood this fact and prefer picking on stylish designs, instead of a traditional heavy Mangalsutra for everyday use. Modern women are also creative enough to pick up Mangalsutra chain without pendants so that they can pair it up with a diamond or designer diamond Mangalsutra pendant. Modern brides, catch it up right here for the most fashionable Mangalsutras to match your simple and stylish outfits. We bring you some of the latest design Mangalsutra pendants that can be worn with your Mangalsutra chain to make you look fabulous every day.

We have carefully chosen designs that look simple yet pretty. They are also traditional yet with a modern touch. These lightweight designs are comfortable to wear and also look fabulous every single day. Wearing a Mangalsutra with a simple, yet pretty design ultimately brings out the fashionista in you to dazzle in your outfits.

Look #everydayphenomenallook with Chic Mangalsutra

Diamond Mangalsutra Pendant


For the love of diamonds, here is an intricate piece of Mangalsutra to flaunt off the glow of diamonds. The unique craftsmanship has brought out a design that mixes modernity and traditionalism. The leaf-shaped diamond pendant in a hollow design is interlinked with a designer piece of metal buffed in yellow gold. The intertwined pattern is designed as a sign of love, commitment, and affection. The diamonds look stunning on the pendant and are ready to make a sensuous neckline.  The double line black beads add a traditional look to the modern pendant. You can wear it with your traditional or modern outfit to steal the eyes of many. It can serve as a perfect office wear jewellery to boast of a stunning look on your team meeting. Completely studded with twinkling diamonds, this fabulous mangalsutra will be the right pick.

Lightweight Mangalsutra

Light weight mangalsutra


There are few women who don’t like to wear jewels or prefer the simplest piece of jewellery out of a collection. Not necessarily, a woman must be a lover of jewellery, but it is essential for a married woman to fill her neck with a Mangalsutra. For those who prefer the simplest design, here is the right choice of mangalsutra design. A  simple and lightweight mangalsutra necklace that can stay on your neck and feel like a feather while you are busy with your daily chores. The sleek chain with attractive black beads and a single small pendant at the center makes a unique design. You can even match the mangalsutra pendant with your small dangle earrings for a traditional look.

Floral Design Mangalsutra

Floral Design Mangalsutra


Gone are the days when women were behind the geometric pattern of pendants. For the love of floral designs, here is an ultimate piece for the modern woman. The floral mangalsutra designed with a touch of delicacy and femininity is sure to dazzle on your neck. A branch of golden leaves hold the flowers in a V-shaped pattern giving a voluminous look to the overall design. The fresh looking flowers with white gold buffed petals bloom to give a stunning look. The attractive white gold at the center of the petals perfectly complement the flowers and give this Mangalsutra an alluring look. Whether a long or short gold Mangalsutra chain you pair it up with, you are sure to get that boho vibe with this designer mangalsutra pendant. The gold mangalsutra design can be teamed up with traditional as well as your western wear to flaunt off the floral charm.

Simple Design Mangalsutra

Simple Design Mangalsutra


A simple and delicate mangalsutra pendant, to be worn on a daily basis. The traditional mangalsutra is no longer preferred by the modern brides as they feel the traditional design don’t serve the purpose for daily wear as well as office wear jewellery. Hence, this simple mangalsutra would be a fabulous choice for everyday wear, instead of locking them safely in the bank locker. This elegant mangalsutra pendant having a half moon shaped pendant design with striped pattern makes it unique for you to cherish for the rest of your life. It would look stunning around the neck and can be paired up with your modern outfits as well.

Geometric-Patterned Mangalsutra

Geometric Patterned Mangalsutra

The geometric-design jewellery has always been a favorite choice amongst women. There are trendy and popular designs coming up yet women are having great attraction for geometric patterns even now.  Here is one geometric design mangalsutra pendant with a modern touch.  The two triangles hinged together to form a criss-cross shape. The idea of sculpting the glittering diamonds on one diagonal line adds to a fashion upgraded look. This Mangalsutra boasting of an elegant design can be worn as office wear jewellery or daily wear jewellery. It also perfectly goes with Indian as well as western. This modern age mangalsutra will serve a stylish piece of jewellery for a lot of compliments.

Heart Shaped Mangalsutra Pendant

Heart shaped mangalsutra pendantAdd some twist to the traditional mangalsutra design and go for a fabulous design which is more endearing and romantic. Let your beloved one realize the love you have for him after seeing your choice of hearts in your mangalsutra pendant. This chic mangalsutra pendant consists of a single beautiful heart at the center accompanied by five lovely hearts on either side. This adorable mangalsutra pendant in heart design sways from a single strand of black beads adding a touch of dazzle to your everyday look.

Religious Mangalsutra Pendant

Religious Mangalsutra PendantBegin your new phase of life in an auspicious way. Wearing Religious pendants is known to be fortunate. The beautifully designed round mangalsutra pendant sculpted with the Goddess Lakshmi would definitely bring good luck and success to the wearer if not for the religious belief, for the splendid design. The pear-shaped golden metal sculpted with Goddess Lakshmi picturizes a bunch of leaves from a twig.  All the Lotuses on the mangalsutra pendant represents prosperity. They are designed gracefully being the seat of the goddess. It also believed that wearing such religious jewellery prevents the negative energies that cause problems and misfortunes to the person.  It may look simple and elegant, but a valuable piece of jewellery for a person who has religious faith. This mangalsutra pendant is perfect for everyday wear and can raise up the look of even the most simple outfit.

Mangalsutra in Thali Design

Mangalsutra in Thali DesignFor the ones who want to go by tradition, yet looking for the simplest design with a modern touch, here you have the right choice. This fabulous mangalsutra comes with a  single strand holding the thali design pendant in 18k yellow gold. They are brought together with two golden beads like designs to hold them in place. This familiar design with uncomplicated sculpture can be worn as daily wear jewelry.  The typical south Indian design with a little touch of modernity standout gloriously. Wear it with your modern t-shirt and jeans or your saree.

Fashion Wear Mangalsutra

Fashion Wear Mangalsutra

The Oriental mangalsutra in heart design brings out the feminine nature of a woman.  Pair it up with heart-shaped stud earrings and bring out the fashionista in you. This elegant and iconic mangalsutra serves best for the modern woman or can bring out the modernity of a normal woman as well. It’s a perfect design that represents marriage and love. Wear it for your jean and denim or for your traditional salwar.  This attractive mangalsutra design is designed to be worn on special occasions to spice up your look.

Wati Diamond Mangalsutra

Wati Diamond MangalsutraHere is the traditional Maharashtrian Mangalsutra design buffed in 18k yellow gold. The two beautiful round beads with fourteen glittering diamonds not only look dazzling but have significant meaning behind. One round golden bead signifies the bride’s home with her parents. The other bead symbolizes her new house with her husband and in-laws. Therefore, this mangalsutra design intimate the bride about the strong bond to hold between the houses. The black strings or beads is believed to keep them together. It’s worth going for such a meaningful design.

These creatively designed pieces of jewellery might also leave you confused. Hence it is important to make your mind to have a fairly clear idea to settle upon a final design. Remember that a beautiful mangalsutra around your neck symbolizes the start of your conjugal life. The respectful piece of jewellery is to stay with you for your lifetime, hence make your choice clear with the one that makes you feel comfortable all time as well as suits your personality.

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