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Dressing up and getting ready is so much fun especially when people compliment you for it but did you ever give a thought about the link between dressing and your emotional state? Studies reveal that our choice of outfits and the type of jewellery we choose talk at length about our emotional state. Though we don’t do it consciously, it is our mood that drives our choices.

As women, we undergo quite a number of emotions per day and the mood swings need no introduction! Taking notes from the number of researches conducted, women are suggested to dress up (outfit and jewellery) that they associate with happiness, even during sad situations so they feel better. Style gurus opine that jewellery, especially the earrings, not only reveal a person’s emotional state but help in uplifting it!

8 Earrings for Every Mood

Taking a cue from the findings, we have curated a list of earrings that go perfectly well with all mood types.

  1. Butterfly earrings for ‘I love my life’ mood


This is the loveliest of moods – a combination of love, happiness, excitement and confidence. It is the mood when you feel that your life is absolutely amazing. It may be experienced after a good day with family or a loved one, or after meeting your friends after a long time. Some people experience it after watching a good movie or right after reading a book.

The mood makes you see hearts and butterflies everywhere. What to flaunt this mood with earrings? You could do it with these beautiful Hearts Butterflies Diamond Earrings.

  1. Gessica Noor earrings for ‘I want to travel the world’ mood

GESSICA NOOR DIAMOND EARRINGS for I want to travel mood

You experience this mood right after accomplishing something big in life. The mood is a combination of fulfilment and excitement. You get into the mood when you have touched success and feel like doing something exciting to mark the success. It can be experienced by getting a dream job or a promotion. The mood conveys that you are ready to explore the world, to take on new challenges.

Are you in the mood to travel the world? Let your earrings covey it. Flaunt the mood of empowerment with the Gessica Noor Diamond Earrings – inspired by the architectural bliss of Morocco.

  1. Picca earrings for ‘I am so confident’ mood

PICCA DIAMOND EARRINGS for I am so confident mood

This is mood often carried by mentally-strong, career-oriented women who know what they do. The mood is a combination of knowledge and courage. Confidence is something that is always admired and appreciated and the levels of confidence can increase depending on your dressing and how you style it.

Flaunt or boost your confidence with Picca Diamond Earrings. Aren’t these beauties the perfect way to elevate your confidence?

  1. Emerson earrings for ‘I want to be alone’ mood

EMERSON DIAMOND EARRINGS for I want to be alone mood

There are a number of occasions when we like being alone. While most people think of it as a sad thing, being alone gives you the time to think about things and put them together. So the next time you feel low, remember that being alone is therapeutic! The ‘I want to be alone’ mood can be a combination of confusion and stress. It can be felt when you have a lot of things on the plate and you don’t know where to start.

Let people know that you are strong but all you need is some alone time to sort things on your own with Emerson Diamond Earrings. These feel good earrings may also help you get over the blues.

  1. Palatial Miracle Plate earrings for ‘it’s time to party’ mood


This mood is a mixture of happiness and fulfillment felt by people who wish to celebrate it with friends and family. The mood also conveys that you wish to have some fun. The best way to describe the mood – the feeling you get when you close your computers on Friday and start planning for the weekend! Isn’t it a feeling of utter joy?

Flaunt your party mood with the Palatial Miracle Plate Diamond Earrings. These beautiful earrings are all you need to look ravishing at the party this weekend.

  1. Susana Butterfly earrings for ‘I want to fly’ mood


The ‘I want to fly’ mood conveys that you want to lead a carefree life. It reveals that you are free-spirited and don’t compromise on your dreams. This mood is a combo of confidence and individuality. It is the mood experienced by people who believe in “live and let live”.

What conveys the mood better than a butterfly? The colourful little flyer is a true example of life. Flaunt the mood with these beautiful Susana Butterfly Gold Earrings.

  1. Trayo Aquamarine earrings for ‘I am sad’ mood


Feeling sad is a quite normal thing. It is one of the most basic feelings that a human has. A sad mood can be a result of failure or stress and some people may cry to express it. There are occasions when the sad mood turns into an angry one resulting in violent behaviours. The best way to handle it is to indulge in mood music or an activity that you enjoy the most.

The colour blue is known for its calming effects. Check out the Trayo Aquamarine Earrings. Don’t they have the perfect shade of blue to calm you down?

  1. Eveline Glo earrings for ‘what am I doing with my life’ mood

Eveline Glo Earrings for What Am I Doing With My Life Mood

This is a mood that reflects confusion and worry. It is when you get apprehensive about the things around and the way they are turning out to be. The mood can be about trivial things as well as major life decisions. But don’t worry, panicking about it is a sign that you are thinking to set things straight.

The best way to handle such situations is to dance, that is right… when in confusion just dance. Looking for the best dance partners? Check out these Eveline Glo Diamond Earrings.

Now you know that jewellery is one solution to all your moods! So why be late? Log-on to Candere.com and start loading your cart because you never know how your mood changes… right?


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