The Ultimate Guide to Buying Solitaire Diamond Jewellery


The Ultimate Guide to Buying Solitaire Diamond Jewellery

With the wedding season going on full swing, what’s a better time to talk about solitaires, the different styles and some basic things you need to know about them if you are a first-time buyer.

Did You Know?

During the Great Depression, the diamond industry had hit an all-time low. People weren’t much into buying diamonds. In order to make people buy diamonds, De Beers came up with a idea that would tie it up with romance and marriage. Since then, proposing with a solitaire ring has become a trend.

Solitaires have been eminent since the second century BC with the Romans but they were not linked to romance and love until De Beers made them famous with one of their marketing campaigns.

Every Woman Deserves A Diamond!

Here’s some food for thought… if you were born a century back, you couldn’t think of getting a solitaire from your beloved when he proposed as back then, diamonds above 50 cents (0.50 carats) would only be considered as solitaires. As more and more jewellery makers stepped into the business, they realised, in order to make solitaire available to the masses, the size solitaires have to be reduced considerably.

Then, the starting size of solitaire was significantly dropped and so was the myth of it being unattainable. Solitaire rings at Candere start as low as Rs. 24,066 only!

The first chapter of every diamond story starts with the 4 C’s. The 4 C’s of diamond are Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat. We have already covered the 4 C’s in How to Select the Best Solitaire for Solitaire Ring?

Will you really consider diamonds to romance even now?

Buying the right solitaire ring for her isn’t rocket science. However, if you think it is, we got you covered with some easy-peasy points. Read it all in How to Buy the best Solitaire for your Better Half?

The second biggest myth that we often get to hear about diamonds in their resale value. Diamonds DO have a resale value and in order to get the maximum out of your diamond jewellery, exchange it from the jeweller you bought it from. It’s always comforting to deal with familiar faces.

As far as solitaire ring types are concerned, there’s no one type of solitaire ring. There are a bunch of design options in solitaires based upon the shape of solitaire, designing and setting patterns. Read Types of Solitaire Rings and their purpose.

The biggest advantage of online diamond jewellery shopping over offline shopping is customization. At Candere, you can choose your diamond from four qualities i.e. SI IJ, SI GH, VS GH and VVS EF. Customization allows your jewellery to be designed as per your budget or preference.

We have covered pretty much everything about buying solitaire jewellery in this post. If you still think something’s missing, shoot them in comments below.

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