The 5 Stone Graduated Diamond Engagement Ring


5 stone graduated diamond engagement ring.

5 Stone Graduated diamond engagement ring. What a title? Lengthy but a perfect description. Lacking in romance admittedly but we hope you have that one covered 😉 Presented in the final box (photos to follow) this design will be a winning engagement ring for any proposal.

I’ve been working on the photography for this ring design over the last few days and I have to say that this style is perhaps one of the most pretty ring designs I’ve worked with.

Graduation means that the diamonds progressively change in size, from large to small, or vice versa. Starting with the centre stone, we can see a gentle graduation from the larger diamond to the smaller stones.

The styling of the claws is nothing short of engagement ring architecture. Inspiring design—each claw sweeps over the next. Four claws surround each diamond with the exception of the outer diamonds. To complete the graduated effect, a single claw resides at each end of the setting to draw the eye to the narrowest area of the ring.

View the Cersei 5 stone graduated ring design online

Round brilliant cut diamonds were chosen for this design for maximum brilliance with each diamond matched as a set ensuring consistency. Each diamond has to achieve a specific weight and measurement to be suitable for the ring design. This means that the cut has to be of a very high standard for the setting.

The band on this design is a secure, solid 2.5mm court shaped band—this gives comfort, durability and enough substance to be sized over a lifetime without thinning the shank.

This new design benefits from ethical credentials and is available in Fairtrade Gold for anyone wishing to make a difference as we do each day with this responsible metal choice. Alternatively we offered ethical recycled 950 Platinum for a luxurious precious metal choice favoured for natural whiteness.

As we develop this product, it will be live on our website, so please contact us or check back and we’ll point you towards the finished ring. We’ll add all of the intricate details such as the carat weight breakdown for the 5 stone graduated engagement ring and this style will be available with beautifully white, eye clean diamonds (G SI1) which is our standard for many of our multi stone rings.

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