Here’s why you should get your next DIAMOND online!


Walking down the memory lane, the internet was used by the masses as a medium to be in touch with our loved ones. As time went by, everything went online… so did the shopping! From a tiny eraser to living room furniture, you can literally order everything online.

Not only did shopping online become a trend, but online shopping is also becoming more and more secure by the day. According to Statista, 29 million American’s shopped jewellery online in 2016. The trend has eventually trickled down to other countries in the world.

As long as the jewellery is concerned, it’s important to note that it is certified by reputed registered laboratories. In India, gold grading is done BIS Hallmarking. For diamond and gemstones, there are multiple grading labs like IGI, CGL, SGL, etc. When your jewellery is registered by famous labs, it’s easier to determine its authenticity. People buy fine jewellery mostly as a security anchor. Keeping the certificates handy will come to use while using the jewellery in unforeseen circumstances.

PROS of Shopping Diamonds Online

Shopping jewellery online has its own advantages. Here are the top 5 benefits:

Time-Saving: Avoid the queue and see the designs you love without stepping on someone’s foot.
Plenty of Options: One page at Candere can list thousands of diamond products that are just a click away. Is it possible to find so many options in such a small space anywhere?
Easy Payment: Cash, card, bank transfer or pay later… whichever suits you!
Transit Safe: It’s not completely safe to walk back home with jewellery worth a few month’s saving. Order them online and stop worrying about bringing it home safely!
Customization: At Candere, you will get to choose between four diamond qualities – SI IJ, SI GH, VS GH and VVS EF. Choose the quality that fits your budget or you like.

CONS of Shopping Diamonds Online

When buying from a reputed store, there’s no chance of being duped. However, to be on the safe side, double-check the authentication certificates when you receive your order.

The image shown is not exactly how the product looks, especially in terms of size. Make sure to check the measurements to get a clearer picture of what’s incoming rather than getting shocked later.

The 4C’s of Diamond

Diamonds are judged based on these 4 C’s – Cut, Clarity, Colour, Carat. Cut refers to how perfectly a diamond is faceted. An ideal cut diamond is much expensive than others. Clarity refers to the absence of impurities i.e. inclusions. Colour means the shade of a diamond i.e. a perfectly white diamond is more valuable than tinted ones. Carat is the unit in which diamonds are measured.

It is not possible to have all designs in all diamond purities at a shop. Even if the shop has provisions to get the same jewellery made in a different quality, you will have to wait for some days before you get the right one. Customization has not only become easy but also possible. Thanks to online shopping!

Shopping online also entitles you to a lot of discounts. For instance, at Candere, we have offers on diamond and solitaire jewellery all year round. You can save quite a substantial amount while shopping for diamonds online with us. During special occasions or festive season, you can get insurance for your jewellery only for Re.1 at checkout. That’s priceless, isn’t it?

One of the main purposes of shopping diamonds is to secure your money in exchange for a gorgeous piece of jewellery. You can exchange your diamond jewellery with us at 80% of the current market price. You can also opt for exchanging diamond jewellery which you bought from us earlier at 75% of the current market value of the jewellery.

Interestingly, not only can you shop diamond jewellery, but you can also shop for loose solitaires at Candere. Filter the solitaires based on cut, clarity, colour, carat, polish, symmetry, labs and price.

Shopping diamonds online have lots of advantage. Make sure you grab them!

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