Help! I’ve Lost a Diamond From My Ring : Replacement Diamonds


Replacement diamonds for an engagement ring, eternity ring or wedding ring.

Losing a small diamond from an engagement ring can be very upsetting. Despite every care, diamonds can be lost from settings. Loose claws, a knock or a scrape can dislodge a diamond with a visible loss that stands out like a rotten tooth.

Matching small replacement diamonds for engagement rings

As diamond specialists, one of our day-to-day services involves matching up a lost diamond lost from engagement rings. We take the existing shape, size and quality of your other diamonds into consideration, matching a new stone for your ring. Matching replacement small diamonds is daily work for us—helping both jewellers and members of the public.

The resulting work ensures a perfect replacement and restoration of your engagement ring with full contact at any time during the process. You would certainly struggle to see where the lost diamond was before our work commenced.

Insuring your engagement ring against the loss of diamonds

One of our main recommendations for any engagement ring purchase has to be an insurance policy for your diamond engagement ring. Insuring your ring will provide the much-needed reassurance and peace of mind against the possible loss of a diamond.

What to do if you loose a diamond from an invisible setting

If you have an engagement ring with a diamond missing from an invisible setting, we recommend contacting your original retailer. Invisibly set Princess cuts (see example below) feature tongue-and-groove style edges that lock together. Such diamonds are very difficult to replace. In some instances, the entire ring would need replacing. Other illusion setting styles are suitable for replacing diamonds, because they feature small claws to hold diamonds rather than the edges of the diamonds themselves.

Sending your engagement ring for a replacement diamond

For retailers, we can provide a replacement service, with or without the re-setting work. Items need to be sent to us but are fully covered under our care by our commercial jewellery insurance from T. H. March.

Old cut diamonds can be difficult to replace when lost from engagement rings

Small old cut diamonds as shown in the above ring can be difficult to match and replace

Lost diamonds – how to get a replacement diamond

An outline of the process for re-fitting missing diamonds includes the following stages.

  1. Contact us with details of your situation. Provide us with a photograph initially.
  2. Alternatively, send your ring to us for inspection.
  3. We provide an electronically emailed estimate detailing all work required and cost.
  4. Upon approval, we carry out the work over a period of approximate 1.5 weeks.
  5. Payment is made upon completion and before delivery
  6. We deliver you re-set engagement ring by fully insured Special Delivery.

For local clients within travelling distance of the Isle of Wight, we are happy to arrange an appointment for delivery and collection of your item. We can also arrange inward cover for your jewellery item being sent if your item is above the £2500 maximum value offered by Royal Mail Special Delivery.

Please contact us for additional advice and guidance. We have online chat on our main website and we can be contacted by email or phone at any time.

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