Fashion Upgrade For The Newlyweds


With the official end to your spinsterhood, a lot of things are bound to change in your life and around you. One of the things that usually need special attention is the wardrobe. The most crucial part is to know the hierarchy from what will require your immediate attention and what you will need for the long run. As overwhelming as it may look, here are some basic things to make your life simpler and looks sorted.

Top 5 things a newlywed should stock up on:


The Saree is that one piece of clothing, which quite literally can transform you from the next-door-girl to who-is-that-girl! As Indian’s, we have a tendency to stock up on sarees as a newlywed, but as time passes by they begin to gather dust. Which is why there are two things to keep in mind while buying that saree. Traditional sarees never get old, so make sure you have some of those for sure, be it a Kanjeevaram or a Benarasi a Patola or a Paithani, depends on your preference or the culture you belong to. Yes, you can, of course, have modern sarees from sequined to pre stitches to capes and lehenga sarees also but make no mistake in spending a fortune on those as they will be out of fashion before you can even wear it thrice.


Whether you love makeup or hate makeup what you cannot ignore is that you will need it in every step of your initial few months of getting married. You should keep all the different types of makeup handy just in case you need them. Red, pink, nudes are the three lipstick colors that you should definitely have in your vanity box as they will go with nearly everything you wear. Having black coloured kajal, eyeliner and mascara is a must. Foundations, primers, concealers, compact, brighteners and light reflectors are optional, based on your comfort and need to use them.


Jewellery always adds to your amazing persona. Which is why it’s important to have a piece of versatile jewellery from every category. A dainty bracelet, a pair of gold bangles, a piece of statement jewellery, fancy dangles, a remarkable diamond ring, a pair of daily wear ear studs and traditional jhumkas. At Indian weddings, we usually tend to buy loads of heavy jewellery so you can focus on getting the above mentioned lightweight basics.


Shoes are one of the most important aspects of one’s outlook.The type of shoes you wear speaks a lot about you and your taste, but if you land up picking the wrong shoes…let’s not go there. Comfort is an important part of buying shoes, never compromise on comfort. Have a nice pair of stilettos lets you dance the party away without bothering you, a good pair of sneakers are ideal for visiting places or long casual outings and a pair of good chappal for those long strolls. Besides, pick up a couple of more shoes as per your geographic location i.e. pumps for normal Indian weather, a pair of boots for cooler regions, etc.


We ladies not just carry our world in that handbag, we often carry our other’s halves stuff as well. That’s why having a nice handbag where you can stuff all your necessities is absolutely indispensable. A tote bag for your daily hither tither, a sling bag for the casual outings, a purse for parties and a wrist bag for when you need to go shopping. Sorted!

These are the basic things that a newlywed woman needs to have so that her life’s little less complicated. If we missed out on anything important, ping us in comments below.

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