Diwali Gifts For Him


There’s a famous saying in Bengali – baro mashe tero parbon!

This means that there are thirteen festivals in twelve months i.e. too much festivities. We couldn’t agree more! The second half of the year is especially the best because it has all the festivals lined up one after the other; followed by the wedding season. Not only does it give us ample opportunities to dress up, but we also get loads of gifts from our friends and family.

Keeping up with the festivities, here is a list of things that you can gift him this Diwali.

Diwali Gifts for Him


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Diwali is the Festival of Lights, so how can gifting one be a bad idea? Lights will any day look like a well-thought gift idea. If he is a bibliophile, you can create a nice cosy corner for him with books where he can enjoy reading every day.  Besides, you may gift candles, scented candles, string lights, ceiling lights, coffee table lamps, etc. The options are infinite!


Diwali Gifts For Him - Smartwatch

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Men have a thing for gadgets. A smartwatch is something that they would undoubtedly drool over. This watch can have a sporty look and be their perfect gym buddy as well as complement their formal look even otherwise! Smartwatches make the ideal gift because they are affordable yet sophisticated!

Grooming Kit

Diwali Gifts For Him - Grooming Kit

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Gifting grooming kits isn’t a new thing. However, grooming kits have really evolved over the past decade. Initially, there weren’t too many companies offering grooming kits but now the scenario has changed! You can pick up a grooming kit from him from his favorite skincare brand or someplace which he always wanted. Go for something that goes with his personality or a set he would love to explore.

Bluetooth Speakers

Diwali Gifts For Him - Bluetooth Speaker

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Music is something every soul relates to! Some love metal, while some love jazz. Whatever be the taste, gifting a Bluetooth speaker that will play your favourite music will always welcome! Bluetooth speakers are are available in a wide range of budget i.e. from a couple of hundreds to thousands. You can also experiment with a smart speaker and he can have the time of his life ordering it to play songs, set reminders, etc.


Diwali Gifts for him - JewelleryNot all men love wearing jewellery, but those who do deserve some fine pieces. We, at Candere, have some fine jewellery options for men – Rings, Earrings, Gold Chains, Kadas, Cufflinks, Kurta Buttons and Pendants. Which one do you think will make him euphoric?

Gift card

Let’s take a moment and acknowledge the fact that shopping for a perfect gift can be a tedious job to get the perfect gift for him. For such occasions, we have the gift card. At Candere, gift cards can be purchased on any value above Rs. 1000. Present him a gift card and an opportunity to shop as his heart pleases.

It’s never too early to shop something for your loved ones. Ordering gifts online and save loads of time. Make sure you order your Diwali presents well in advance so that you can plan things out without hurry. If you think there’s a better gift for him, do share them in the comments below.

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