Diwali Gifts for HER!


Women would love wearing jewellery on any given day! For those of you who aren’t comfortable or sure with jewellery gifts, we have put together a bunch of options for you! With the festive season in full swing, here are some Diwali gifts for her. These gift ideas are suitable for both Diwali as well as any other special occasion.

Diwali Gifts For Her:

Home Decor

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You can never go wrong with lights and candles. They are so mainstream yet they make the best gift. Besides those, you can also pick other room decorations like wall decals, paintings, dream catcher, coaster, fridge magnet, wall hangings, mirror, photo frames, etc.


Diwali gifts for her - Books

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Oh yes, girls read! It’s not really tough gifting a voracious reader. Go online and look up for best selling and top reviewed books. Ask her casually if she has read your find and gift accordingly.

Craft Supplies

Diwali gifts for her - Craft Supplies

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Girls love being creative with DIYs. Gift her a drawing book or some canvas sheets and colors to let her mind and soul run free! Besides, if she doesn’t love coloring, you can still go ahead and give her coloring book since it’s the best stress buster.

Combo box

Diwali gifts for her - Combo box

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Combo boxes are an assortment of multiple items that can be gifted to someone on special occasions. These combo boxes can come for cosmetics, jewellery, food items, etc. Take a pick keeping her preferences in mind!


Diwali gifts for her - Food vouchers

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Give her mood a U-turn with food item she would love to binge upon! Besides, women who love to eat are known to be good at heart. Hang on, make sure you don’t gift her some typical food. Go for exotic tea, voucher/coupon of her favourite eatery, fancy chocolates, etc.


Diwali gifts for her - Movies

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No, it’s not possible to buy tickets at a movie hall for a month for someone. However, you can always gift her a subscription from online sites where she can stream unlimited movies and TV shows.

Pampering Session

Diwali gifts for her - Pampering Session

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We have too much on our plates, no wonder our lives are so stressed out! The best way to release those weeks of stress is a session at her favourite spa! All you need to do is book a session for her on a day when you know she is free and can enjoy it at full swing. A shopping spree followed by a pampering session at your favourite spa… sounds like fun!

Gift card

Diwali Gifts For Her - Candere gift voucher

It’s tough to know what’s going on in her mind. However, it’s tougher to get the perfect Diwali gift for her. Worry not. Getting her a gift card from us will definitely make her day. After all, jewellery is the best gift!


Diwali gifts for her - JewelleryWe have a bunch of jewellery options for women at Candere. Rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, bangles, etc. From dainty daily wear designs to heavy partywear jewellery, we have everything you need. Our diverse catalogue includes gold jewellery in different gold shades as well as diamond and gemstone jewellery. There are loads of options to choose from. Not that we have helped you out with an option, select the design as per your wish!

Keeping in mind the busy lives we have and Diwali is just two weeks away, make sure you order your gift today so that you can take care of the packaging. Keeping that in mind, most of the online shopping portals have offers and discount on for Diwali. Go grab ‘em!

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