Surprise your friends with these novel gifts this friendship day


A friend is someone who knows you and can see through you. A friend is someone who stands with you and walks an extra mile for you. A friend is someone who fights with you and fights for you at the same time.
We all have some gems as friends who are a bundle of love, care and loyalty. Though they seem a tad bit annoying, it may be impossible for you to do without them. Friendship day serves as an occasion to thank such sweetheart friends for the love and support they shower on you. A super surprise would be a fantastic way to celebrate the bond you share and express your love for your friends.
Thinking about a surprise for your friend? Let us go back in time… just a little! So do you remember the last time when you surprised your bff with something amazing? Don’t remember any? No worries, we are here to help you with it…
We have listed out some amazing ideas to surprise your friend on the occasion of friendship day. Follow them and amaze your cutie-pie –

1. Cake

Friendship day is an occasion to celebrate the beautiful relationship that you share with your friends and a cake is the best way to mark the celebration isn’t it? The surprise becomes even better if you are good at baking and if you are a novice then start looking for baking tutorials.
A special cake made for your friends on the eve of friendship day, isn’t it great? So start your trials today to satisfy your friends’ sweet tooth.

2. Lunch

Friendship Day lunchA lunch date with friends is always fun and what would be a better way to mark friendship day? Invite your bunch of mates for a special lunch date at your regular hangout spot and let the party get going! The best venue for such a lunch date would be someplace private so you can share all your gossips and jokes without having to push down!
It is a lunch date so do not forget the food arrangements plan the arrangements in advance so you don’t have run around in the nick of the moment.

3. Surprise ReunionFriendship Day reunion

Do you remember the time after school or on the last day of graduation when you all made promises to meet regularly? We all make such promises but the meetings don’t happen regularly as everyone gets busy with their own life and time becomes a constraint. So why don’t you plan a reunion on friendship day? Wouldn’t it be a great occasion to catch up with your friends and rehash the bond? Well, you might also meet your old crush at the reunion!
A reunion would be a good way to start a new chapter with old friends so start planning now!

4. Memory BookFriendship Day Memory book

A book of memories sounds amazing, right? It is! Take your friends down the lane of nostalgia by presenting them with a scrapbook capturing all your memories. You can make a scrapbook on your own by picking up some of the best memories you shared with your friends. You need to be a little creative when selecting the memories that will go into the scrapbook. Pick some memories which have solid stories behind them.
The scrapbook will take you back to the old times while it will also serve as a memoir of all the things that you have done together – to make your beautiful, crazy friendship.

5. Chocolate HamperFriendship Day Chocolate Hamper

There aren’t a lot of people who would say no to some yummy chocolates and if you are thinking about chocolates then you already have a good friendship day gift idea. A big chocolate hamper would be the best gift to your friends who love chocolate! There are a number of online stores that deliver your order to the doorstep so start ordering now. Select an assortment of chocolates your friends would love and get them delivered.

6. FlowersFriendship Day Flowers

A yellow rose is considered to be the symbol of friendship and the love we share for friends. So if you are planning to surprise your friends with flowers this friendship day then you know which ones to pick. A single flower of a bouquet full of the special flowers for the amazing friend would be a great way to send love. You may also add a small note saying how much their friendship means to you…
Isn’t it touching? (grabs tissues)

7. Toys

Friendship Day toys

There are some people who may have grown up and have become old but their love for toys, especially the soft, plush toys, never fades! Do you have such friends? The best gift for such people would be a nice stuffed toy and they would love it for sure. If you are confused and unable to pick the right toy, just browse through their toy collection or ask them what they love the most! You may also surprise them with a huge soft toy that they have always wanted.

8. JewelleryFriendship Day Jewellery

Jewellery is yet another great gifting idea on the occasion of friendship day. There are several pieces of jewellery that your friend would love and you may also go for the same bracelets or earrings. Match jewellery or jewellery with names and initials is a great way to flaunt your friendship to the world. Another great option is to get your names engraved on jewellery. Isn’t it a lasting way to celebrate your forever bond? – an online initiative by Kalyan Jewellers offers a wide range of personalised jewellery options for both men and women. They also provide an option for engraving on the jewellery.
How did you find these surprises? What have you decided for your bestie? Are you thinking about jewellery? Take a look at the awe-inspiring friendship day exclusive collection at The personalised collection is all you need to convey your love and thankfulness towards your best friend forever.

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