Peach Sapphire Engagement Rings – A Buyers Guide


Peach Sapphire Engagement Rings – Introduction to Peach Sapphires

Types of Peach Sapphire engagement rings

Peach Sapphire engagement rings typically possess a warm orange colouration with a hint of pink. There are varying choices when it comes to Corundum— appearing in an array of yellow and orange hues that includes bright lemon, soft peach, and vivid tangerine.

Padparadscha Sapphires

The name Padparadscha derives comes  from the Sinhalese word padmaradschen, a colour used to describe a Sri  Lankan lotus flower.  Padparadscha  Sapphires  are extremely rare and desirable for jewellery. They possess an intensely beautiful colouration and few gemstones rival their distinctive blend of pink and orange hues. They are sometimes described as possessing a colour similar to sunrise, salmon or even the flesh of a ripe guava.

Both clarity and cut are extremely important to the Padparadscha Sapphire. Low heat treatments improve clarity. Such treatments are hard to detect and generally acceptable. Treatments that are not acceptable include Beryllium treatments, dyed or coated stones. Sometimes referred to as “Pads,” this form of Sapphire is often faked owing to the desirability and price of a true Padparadscha Sapphire. For this reason, certification plays an important role in reassuring clients who purchase this type of Sapphire. Many vivid orange Sapphires originating from India are wrongly marketed as Padparadscha. Owing to the rarity, prices are often subjective and buyers face the demands of suppliers in possession of a limited supply.

Padparadscha sapphires come largely from Sri Lanka, but also Madagascar and Tanzania. Some insist the true Padparadscha Sapphires originate from Sri Lanka. Padparadscha Sapphires from Madagascar typically possess a stronger pink colouration than orange. For this reason they are usually less expensive than Sri Lankan examples. In the East, markets favour the orange-pink variety, whereas European markets favour a pink-orange colouring.

Peach Sapphires

Sapphires described as “Peach” coloured are not necessarily Padparadscha. They possess a colour that closely resembles peach and this description is in itself subjective. Colour distribution, tone, clarity and intensity will all play a role in the cost of your peach sapphire engagement ring. At Serendipity Diamonds, we provide a service for any clients enquiring from a distance (UK, Europe or Worldwide) — we regularly photograph gemstones, with colour accurate photography—enabling clients to choose specific diamonds before we create their commission. Prices for Peach Sapphire engagement rings vary and we tend to quote based upon specific gemstone choices. If you are looking for a specific shade, we can source the perfect gemstone. This can sometimes take multiple attempts to source the perfect shade, but the final commission is likely to represent the perfect combination of ring design and sapphire.

Please contact us for any help and guidance. We can set a Peach Sapphire into any of our engagement ring designs with the added service of CAD design available for bespoke ring commissions.

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