Heading out for bridal shopping? Here is what you should focus on!


Indian weddings are known for their pomp and grandeur. The festive occasion is all about ceremonies, entertainment, colourful outfits, beautiful jewellery and great food…. But did you ever give a thought about the things going on in the bride’s head? Marriage is one of the most important celebrations of a woman’s life and she has seen a lot of dreams about her big day and the life ahead.

But brides often go into panic mode as the D-day gets closer. The time can be both exciting as well as exhausting as the bride every minute imagining about the grand day. Ask any bride to recite tales from the time and there is a good chance that they will tell you about their bridal shopping.

Yes! Bridal shopping can be fun and confusing at the same time and it gets trickier as the big day draws by. So what is the best way to shop for all the bridal essentials without taking a lot of stress? PLANNING!

Having a clear plan of the thing you need during the bridal shopping serves handy for bridal shopping without any confusion.

Things that you should plan for when stepping out for bridal shopping:


  1. Wedding Outfit

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The most important thing to hunt for when you go out on bridal shopping is for the right wedding outfit that you would love to wear on the big day. While most South Indian brides opt for silk sarees, north Indian brides prefer lehenga choli for their special day.

As a bride, you may be having a certain dream outfit and you may also want to take inspiration from actors and models or follow designers to know the trends. Whatever outfit you plan to wear, make sure that you start hunting for it well in advance. The wedding outfit is the first one to look for when you step out for bridal shopping. Once the outfit is selected, you will have to go looking for a good tailor who can add charm to the outfit selected. You may also contact a good designer to help you out with the task when you go out for bridal shopping.

Once you have picked the right outfit for the wedding, you will also have to start planning for outfits that you will be wearing for other functions.


  1. Wedding Jewellery

Bridal Shopping Jewellery

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The next big thing to include in your bridal shopping list is the jewellery. Indian brides are treated as goddesses at their wedding and they also get ready in the same way. You may have already selected or planned for the jewellery that you wish to wear for the wedding. The one thing to remember when buying jewellery during bridal shopping is to see that the jewellery is in sync with the dress. From earrings to necklaces and bangles, you will have to see to it that the jewellery you have selected complements each other and also goes well with the outfit.

Online shopping sites like Candere offer trustworthy wedding jewellery options to suit different wedding attires. From South Indian temple collection to contemporary bride essentials, you can browse different styles without stepping out for bridal shopping.

Style tip: When picking necklaces for your wedding, make sure that the neckline of your blouse or choli complements the necklace perfectly. For instance, if you are planning for a choker necklace, see to it that the neckline of your blouse is wide and deep.


  1. Skin Care


Bridal Shopping Skincare

Image Credit: Anam Saleem’s Blog

Brides may focus more on makeup and little less of skin and personal care. However, it is important to focus on skin care products when going out for bridal shopping. Investing in good skin care products can make or break your look on the big day. Brides are advised to seek advice from good skin specialists about skin care routines to get the special glow for the wedding. Along with skincare, it is also necessary to focus on hair care for lustrous hair throughout the wedding.

Pro tip: The one magical pro tip for hair and skin care is to drink plenty of water and eat nuts.

  1. Footwear

Bridal shopping footwear

Image Credit: The Brunette Diaries

Brides may be extremely cautious about their choice of outfits and jewellery but they may forget to pick out the right footwear to round off their look. There are several different types of footwear available in the market and there are special options for the wedding. Don’t forget to choose something that suits you the best but at the same time, you should also select footwear according to your comfort.

Are you a bride-to-be planning to go on bridal shopping? Don’t like to spend hours shopping for wedding jewellery in malls? Shop online and cut down the exhaustion. Browse the amazing range of wedding jewellery collection at Candere and enjoy the joys of shopping from home. Isn’t it a great way to avoid the exhaustive process of bridal shopping?


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