The Month of Diamonds – April


What’s a better time to talk about diamond than April! If you haven’t guessed it yet, Diamond is the birthstone of April. The sparkling stone may be allotted to April, but people born in other months still wear them like nobody’s business. And why not? This sparkling stone is quite stellar and looks absolutely stunning on your irrespective of who you are. Besides, not just the ladies, men also drool over this sparkling stone! Fun Fact: 1 in 10k diamonds are coloured and the brighter the colour, the costlier it is!

Besides the colourless diamond, there are many other shades of a diamond. Let’s learn some of the other shades of diamond today –


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The dreamy green coloured diamonds are formed due to the presence of radioactive elements like Uranium or Thorium. These elements affect the diamond at the electron level, hence the colour. One of the most famous green diamonds is ‘Aurora Green Diamond’ weighing 5.03carats. With a clarity of VS2, the ring with this diamond was bid at the highest price ever of green diamond at a public auction.


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Red denotes power, passion, love and desire. It’s said that there are only 20 to 30 red diamonds across the globe. The colour comes from a rare deformation in the structure at the atomic level that causes light to bend. The largest and the most famous red diamond weighs 5.11carats and is known as ‘Moussaieff’.


Blue coloured diamondImage Credit: CNN

Another rare member of the diamond family, blue diamonds are formed with the presence of Boron in the diamond. It’s as rare as 0.02% of the mined diamonds. Interestingly, blue diamonds are only considered valuable is they are natural and not treated. The famous ‘Hope Diamond’ is the earliest known Blue diamond that was mined at Kollur mines in India.


Pink coloured diamondImage Credit: Newsfeed

These pretty little things owe their colour to two factors i.e. immense pressure and seismic shock. Pink diamonds were first discovered in Kollur mines in India. The earliest known pink diamonds are Daria-i-noor and Noor-ul-ain. Daria was a 400 carat rough diamond from where Noor was cut.


Orange coloured diamondImage Credit: YouTube

Also known as the Pumpkin diamond, the tint of orange diamonds is caused by the presence of Nitrogen in its composition. All orange diamonds were under 6carats until The Orange which is a 14.82carat fancy vivid diamond with VS1 clarity. This one did smash some records and also turned out to be an exception with Nitrogen atoms clustered in a spot as compared to the usual ones where the atoms are isolated.


Black coloured diamond Image Credit: Kitchen Decor

The lush black diamond is formed when graphite inclusions and random clustering are present throughout the diamond. However, it’s also believed that black diamonds came to earth via meteorites. The most famous black diamond is ‘Black Orlov’ – 67.50carat black diamond set in a brooch surrounded by 108 colourless diamonds in a halo setting. However, the largest black diamond is Spirit of de Grisogono which weighs 312.24carat.

Note: The properties and composition of diamonds are the same for all colours of the diamond.

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