Super-Sizing the Tickled-Pink Engagement Ring


Super-Sized Engagement Rings

Much of our bespoke jewellery work involves re-creating our existing designs to fit a client’s brief. Working with the latest CAD technology, we regularly ‘scale up’ engagement rings to accommodate larger gemstones. A perfect example of this work is seen here with a super-sized version of the Tickled Pink ring design—one of our best selling pink sapphire and diamond engagement rings.

Why Super-Size an Engagement Ring?

You might well ask, why scale up any ring design? There are many reasons to upscale an engagement ring design. Perhaps to suit a larger finger size. After all, most of our engagement rings come with a choice of diamond sizes. Another reason might be to work around a chosen gemstone—whether this is a Pink Sapphire, or a Blue Aquamarine. A larger gemstone will require larger diamonds, hence the overall increase across all five gemstones.

Super-Sizing Your Engagement Ring

We can work with your existing engagement ring design to create an enlarged version of the ring. We can scale specific parts to the ring. For example, a setting can be increased without adding any width to the width of the band.

If you have seen a design featured at Serendipity, please feel free to contact us with any such requirements. We will be happy to advise on a cost to create a larger version of our ring based on your specifications.

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