Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


Mother’s Day is celebrated on 12th May every year. We have already written about Mother’s Day gift ideas earlier. This one is exclusively dedicated to jewellery gift ideas for your mom. Let’s get started!

Top 5 Mother’s Day Gifting Ideas

Konark Gold Earrings

A pair of gold ear studs with an ethnic vibe. With a weight of only 2gm, these ear studs are very affordable and easily lovable. The all-gold design will easily win your mom’s heart and become her immediate favourite. Available in Yellow, White and Rose Gold colours.

Treble Diamond Earrings

TREBLE LOVE KNOT DIAMOND EARRINGSDoes your mother love diamonds? Treble is one such diamond studded ear stud in a fancy Algerian love knot. The contemporary design is quite unique to own and goes with almost every outfit in her wardrobe.

Ajini Gold Bangles

AJINI MUDHRA GOLD BANGLESHow about a pair of gold bangles with an antique finish? She can wear it with her saree or with a lehenga. Antique jewellery has a charm of their own and never go out of style. She can also wear it on a daily basis.

Madison Om Diamond Ring

MADISON OM DIAMOND RINGIs your mom the religious type? They she will love this Om ring. The split shank holds the diamond-studded Om perfectly. Available in yellow and white gold, you can also get your mom’s name engraved inside.

Evangeline Diamond Pendant

EVANGELINE DIAMOND PENDANTA stylish diamond pendant that goes with every dress in a woman’s wardrobe. The only visible gold is the bail, customizable in different gold shades. The diamonds are set in an illusion setting giving the look of a big solitaire piece.

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Note: All the products are magnified for better viewing.

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