Types of Solitaire Shapes and their Setting


December is the month of weddings. It goes without saying that December is also the month of engagements and anniversaries. For either of the events, solitaires have always been the top choice of the ladies. Not only do they wish for a big stone on their proposal, they expect no less on their anniversary.

We have been doing a bunch of topics on solitaire shopping for some time. It’s time to dig into two other aspects of solitaires!

Types of Solitaire Rings And Their Purpose

What’s in a shape?


Are you aware of fancy shapes in solitaire rings? Solitaire rings are mostly shown with round shaped diamonds. However, there are more shapes out there. The shapes listed at Candere are pear, heart, princess, cushion, radiant, emerald cut, marquise, baguette and oval.

Yes! You guessed it right. Heart shaped solitaires are mostly preferred while picking up proposal or engagement rings. Round is the most common shape that’s not only readily available but also the most purchased shape in solitaires. Pear-shaped solitaires are also picking up a lot of attraction these days as they look very unique. The squared-shaped solitaires are referred to as princess cut stones and is the second most popular solitaire shape after round. Baguette shaped solitaires are rectangular in shape and have limited facets.

A design is worth a thousand ideas!

Very few have knowledge about the different types of solitaire. However, most of them know what type of solitaire ring they are planning to give their better half. In case you have any questions or queries related to the same, make sure to check out our earlier blog post on Solitaire Rings Design.

Stop focussing on your hair… Your ring needs some setting too!

A setting is how your solitaire is placed or held by the metal. The most famous one is the prong setting. There are many other types of settings like the channel setting, bar setting, bezel setting and illusion setting.

The prong setting is the mightiest setting of all because it allows the solitaire to be elevated enough to for maximum light to pass through the solitaire thus giving it a supreme brilliance. The bar setting has two bars on either side to secure the diamond in place. This setting exposes the sides of the diamonds enough so that the light passes through and makes it shine. Bezel setting holds the diamond in place from all the four sides so that this precious stone is not exposed to any wear and tear. This setting also ensures the inclusions are well hidden and give your diamond an internally flawless look! An illusion setting is a special way of placing a bunch of diamonds very close to each other so that it looks like one big piece of solitaire from a distance. This setting sharply drops the pricing of the ring. There are different types of illusion settings like miracle plate, pressure and invisible setting.

That would be all about the different types of solitaire rings and their purpose. Let us know which kind of solitaire ring are you looking for so that we can help you with the options listed at Candere.

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