Propose without an Engagement Ring? Are you Crazy?


Your CanadaMark diamond will be presented in a diamond holder, boxed with GIA certificate and CanadaMark card, in readiness for your proposal.

Great ideas for engagement: proposing with just the diamond

Choosing a surprise engagement ring can be very tricky. One of the most difficult decisions involves choosing a suitable ring design. Couples who choose the engagement ring together usually end up with a perfect engagement ring. Both in terms of design and finger size.

The dilemma of ring choice faced by many boyfriends can be averted without spoiling a truly romantic proposal.

A perfect proposal – going down on one knee in an amazing setting.

From mine to ‘It’s mine!’ Dazzle her with a diamond!

We have a perfect solution for a diamond proposal that will truly amaze her. We work with clients by email, phone, or by live chat to find the perfect GIA certified diamond. With our help, we can provide you with a diamond, and information on where the stone came out of the ground. Choosing a CanadaMark diamond comes with the added reassurance of knowing where your diamond originated. We feel that this adds to the story and to the depth of your diamond purchase. All of our CanadaMark diamonds include full GIA diamond certification and laser inscription. In addition, CanadaMark diamonds include the CanadaMark serial number microscopically lasered on the edge of the diamond.

Loose diamond photographed with GIA inscription

Showing the CanadaMark number traceable back to the mine

Presenting just the diamond when proposing

To assist with the perfect proposal, we can set your diamond within a diamond holder, shaped like a ring. The diamond and silver coloured clip rest within a beautiful engagement ring box, ready to present. This will give the full effect of a surprise diamond ring proposal with the actual diamond she will wear.

Diamond held within a ring clip for proposal

Held inside a sprung diamond holder your GIA CanadaMark certified diamond is can be placed on the finger before choosing an engagement ring design. 

What next? Choosing the ring

Once you have proposed, it’s almost certain that your (now) fiancé will want to search with you for the actual engagement ring setting. We have an enormous online collection of designs to choose from. We will also help you at every step of your engagement journey. If you’re fortunate enough to travel, you are also welcome to visit us in our Ryde showroom on the Isle of Wight, where we will make you welcome whilst you browse through our full collection.

If you’re interested in proposing with an ethically sourced CanadaMark diamond, beautifully presented without the final ring design, let us help you. Contact us by phone, email or by live chat and we will guide you from the start, helping you find the perfect diamond for your proposal.

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