Pearl Jewellery in a Modern, Young, and Reimagined Avatar!


Just thinking about our treasured pearl jewellery brings a smile on our face! That’s about it; pearls are simply classy and fabulous, which would go well with everything no matter what the occasion or the outfit! Carving its way through ancient history pearls have found their way into the modern quintessential women’s jewellery closet and hearts.

Speaking about pearls, the first thing that comes to our mind is an elegant strand of pearls that exhibits an exquisite feminine aesthetic, but little did we know that modern-day pearl jewellery has so much more to offer. Better late than never, let’s explore the latest trends of this timeless classic stone!

Set signature style statements with our best-loved contemporary take on pearl jewellery!

  1. Tahitian Pearls: The blackish-green coloured Tahitian pearl is simply impossible to resist! You feel good when you look good! Tahitian pearls come all the way from the French islands of Polynesia, around Tahiti, that’s why the name! This dark coloured pearl necklace and stud will simply set you apart from the crowd with its unusual charm and elegance! Imagine a black Tahitian pearl necklace set on a string of white gold adorning your neck with an equally sizzling black dress!


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  1. A modernist’s baroque: ‘Imperfection is beautiful!’ This holds true for the magnificent baroque pearls which add a hint of a la mode to the quintessential pearl jewellery with its asymmetrical irregularities. These are freshwater pearls which are lightweight and comes with a naturally glittering hue and irregular texture. You’ll simply fall in love with the Classique baroque pearl necklace in lavender and rose gold. The top picks include double-layered baroque pearl bracelet, chunky baroque pearl necklace and baroque pearl earrings.
Baroque Pearl

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  1. Ropes of Pearls: ‘A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls’ – Coco Chanel. When a famous celebrity has said so, then, of course, we need to oblige! If you are thinking of glamour, then a multi-layered pearl necklace is all you need! It gives a rich, dramatic appeal and is perfect for parties and special occasions. If you don’t want a conventional multi-stranded pearl necklace, then you can also go for a long pearl necklace and carelessly loop it around your neck for the unconventional layered effect.
Ropes Of Pearl

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  1. A subtle twist to the vintage collection: When it comes to set sensational style statements pearls would never disappoint you! Details are important, look for intricately designed vintage style pearl jewellery coupled with diamonds or stones in different shapes and sizes. You may choose an explosive stone-studded pearl necklace or a crispy unique freshwater baroque pearl with precious gemstones, just wear it with your favourite outfit and it will do all the talking for you! And yes, don’t forget the earrings!

We hope that our suggestions will help you add the perfect spice to enhance and highlight what’s already there in you. Always remember, the beauty lies in your individuality and by adorning these beautiful pearls, you just compliment your personality!

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