Go Forth and be Fabulous-Statement Ankle Bracelets and Trendy Toe Rings


Anklets have been an important accessory for centuries. They make the feet look sensuous and accentuate the slender region above the ankle so beautifully. This is one accessory that probably will never go out of fashion just as the toe-ring holds its ground in the jewellery world. Although these two foot-accessories have, traditionally, been worn to indicate one’s marital status, especially in the Indian subcontinent; today they are every bit a fashionista’s must-haves. Here are some of the trendiest of the two accessories that you should rush to add to your treasured trinket collection.


Anklets have served many purposes back in the day. In the Middle East, they were worn on both legs and joined together by a short chain, keeping a woman’s gait short and graceful. Today, however, the anklet has been remodelled in such classy ways that they steal the show entirely on certain days. Here are some fabulous ankle bracelet designs that anyone would covet-

  • Chainmail layered anklets with a chain to the toe are an amazing choice when you want to waltz down to the beach or simply party all night long.
  • Filigreed golden anklets are in because they can be paired with your everyday jeans or with your traditional wedding trousseaus.
  • Heavily layered silver anklets with drops that jingle are the quintessential requirement for every woman. These anklets go very well with traditional attire but can be worn with a plain dress to bring in the contrast too.
  • Beaded ankle bracelets are the most hip choice to wear with skinny jeans, shorts or an elegant cocktail dress. Grab a pair and bring out the colourful and fun side of yours.
  • Single string ankle bracelets look amazing when they have little charms hanging of them. Pick one that makes a statement with studded charms or galaxy gemstones attached.

We have many options in anklet available at Candere. There are over a dozen designs in gold, pearl and enamel. We also have a bunch of evil eye designs that are just perfect for gifting your teenager. These are available in different shades of gold and we bet you will have a fun time wearing them.

Toe Rings

The toe-ring has not received its due because it was seen as a symbol of being married, until very recent times where it has come into its element and taken the accessory world by storm. You can find a crazy range of toe-rings to fit every toe on that pretty leg of yours. Here’s what you must have in your box today-

  • Every girl must have that one set of toe-rings that have a floral pattern, studded with sparkly stones. Silver, white gold, or any other metal of choice work like magic for the toe-ring. Just be aware while wearing precious metal on your feet when on the streets.
  • Oxidised black metal toe-rings come with such pretty coloured embellishments that we can’t keep our hands off them. Take a pair home an added style to your toes in a flash.
  • A big toe-ring with acrylic centre settings are very much in demand these days because of how easily they can be paired with all clothes.
  • Toe-rings inspired by nature, like the peacock adjustable, or the flower twisty rings are also must-haves in every collection.
  • Last but not the least, every girl must have a twisty toe-ring with dual coloured stones to give the prettiest look that the toes have yet seen.

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