Colour Me Pretty: A Gemstone Guide


Gemstones are colourful, pretty, and a great way to add some colourful class to your look. Unfortunately, many gemstones are made in labs and passed off as real. Lucky for you, we have some simple tips to tell the authentic ones from the man-made ones. Don’t worry; you won’t need to learn any gemmology to do it!

The easiest way to tell the real from the fake is from the price. Authentic stones found in nature are rare, so they are priced much higher than their lab-made replicas. The higher the price, the more likely it is real.

The clarity of the lab-made stones is also so much better than the natural ones since they are made in a controlled environment. They will also be more flawless than their natural counterparts.

Gemstones that are even, smooth, and more brightly-coloured are more likely to be replicas. Authentic stones need to be heat-treated to bring out the brightness in their colour, and you they have a more rustic appearance than the clear-cut clones.

Now that you know how to tell the difference between the authentic gemstones and the artificial lab-made ones, you will find picking out your jewellery a fun experience.

Evergreen Emeralds:

The lovely green emerald is believed to be nurturing to the heart. It has a soothing energy that heals and brings vitality to a person’s spirit. Good-quality emeralds can be more valuable than even diamonds. The famous Egyptian queen, Cleopatra had a fondness for these pretty green gemstones. Add this precious gemstone to your collection. Go for an Annora ring or an elegant emerald necklace.

Passionate Rubies:

If you love rubies, it will interest you to know that it has been favoured among those in power and amongst lovers for centuries. This red gemstone is said to be associated with the blazing sun and was believed to be able to preserve a person’s physical and mental health. Associated with love, passion, and energy, rubies are also known to be a stone of courage. When picking out ruby jewellery, a pair of pretty earrings, such as the Gloria Ruby Earrings or a heart-shaped ruby pendant are great options.

Royal Sapphires:

Looking for something blue? Sapphires are just what you need! Rulers of Persia believed that the sky was blue was because it reflected sapphires. Great kings wore this blue prize around their necks as they believed it would protect them from harm. In ancient times, people believed that sapphires promoted good health, preserved chastity, and were a symbol for the heavenly realm. The elegant Dristi Sapphire Ring or a layered sapphire necklace certainly look heavenly and could even be that something blue you need for your big day!

Pearls of Wisdom:

Pearls are a beautiful gemstone found in the water. They hold the energy of the ocean and are a symbol of wealth and wisdom. Pearls have different meanings in the different cultures. As a symbol of perfection and purity, they are considered sacred by almost every culture. Every woman should own a lovely necklace that holds a pearl, such as the pretty Angels and Roses Gemstone Necklace. Better yet, get a lovely pearl set that will make you look elegant at every event.

Every gemstone has significance and can bring something beautiful into the life of the wearer. Gemstone jewellery is a fantastic way to convey a range of emotions and passions; not to mention, they look absolutely gorgeous.

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