Where to Buy the Perfect Engagement Ring – Best Places for Buying a Diamond Ring


Where to buy an engagement ring – seeking the perfect ring at the perfect price

A very big part of buying an engagement ring involves deciding where to buy the ring. Like other big purchases, there are many questions to ask yourself. We hope that some of the following information will help you decide on the best place to buy your perfect engagement ring.

Where to buy an engagement ring on the high street

The high street remains a very popular place to buy an engagement ring. It has a mix of large, well-known jewellery stores, and small to medium-sized independent jewellers. Some jewellers target particular budgets. Warren James, for example, targets more affordable, lower-priced engagement rings. By extreme comparison, Tiffany & Co. targets wealthy, professionals buying into the romance and legacy of the brand name. In addition, Tiffany sells engagement rings set with high-quality certified diamonds.

H Samuel, popular as a well known high street brand, but not necessarily the best value for money

Catalogue stores including Argos and Littlewoods specialise in selling cheaper, jeweller (often mass-produced and imported) and held in stock. It should be remembered that one jewellery store works very differently to another. While stores such as Argos buy volume, selling cheaply, other stores create jewellery from the ground, up. Many such jewellers describe themselves as bespoke jewellers—selling custom made and made-to-order jewellery.

Tiffany & Co engagement rings appeal to affluent professionals aspiring to a certain lifestyle and to the Tiffany brand name

Tiffany & Co. engagement rings appeal to affluent buyers setting brand aspiration and recognition above true value for money. 

The best place to buy an engagement ring varies for each person

Remember that the best place for you to purchase your engagement ring will not be the same as another person. This is the primary reason that so many different jewellers exist.

A small budget of £150 – £200 will be very unrealistic for some jewellers. Here, the likes of Argos prevail. On the other hand, if you have a budget of £1000 or more, there are many more options available. Your decision will be influenced by how far you want your budget to stretch.

Between a small independent jeweller and a high street chain (e.g. Goldsmiths), you’ll see quite a difference in what your £1000 will get you. At this point, you might wish to discover what the average cost of an engagement ring gets you at a cross-section of high-street jewellers.

Where to buy an engagement ring in London

London is a prime location for buying an engagement ring. From high-end Bluewater boutiques to smaller artisanal jewellers, London has a diverse cross-section of jewellers. Most noteworthy, Hatton Garden is a nucleus for smaller, independent jewellery shops. Nowadays, most of these stores have transactional websites, enabling potential buyers to check out prices and reviews first. Hatton Garden has become synonymous with jewellery buying due to the concentration of jewellery stores within close proximity.

Best places to buy an engagement ring online

The growth of online jewellery stores has bred fierce competition in recent years. Factor in the cross-territory prominence of international jewellery websites and the resulting plethora of stores can be bewildering. Competitive pricing can result in cost-cutting and a reduced quality and service. Seek out genuine reviews to assess both of these. Sound out your prospective company with just a simple phone call. You should get an instant feel from the first conversation. Remember that the position of a company in Google’s search results does not always mean the most suitable company. It is unfortunate that Google makes it too easy for companies to pay for their position and clicks purely by outbidding rival stores.

Best short breaks for buying an engagement ring

A surprise proposal, or choosing an engagement ring together can be wrapped up in a romantic long weekend. But where do you go? Consider travelling to a city of interest, or a picturesque location located near to your chosen jewellery store. But remember to book an appointment during the course of your visit. Avoid disappointment by making arrangements to view designs and to look at diamonds.

Picturesque settings make perfect places for a proposal

Picturesque locations make perfect proposal locations. This photograph shows scenic views from Culver down across to Sandown Bay on the Isle of Wight – one of the popular beauty spots perfect for a proposal. 

When you consider the cost of your engagement ring, the saving you can make on buying from one jeweller could potentially pay luxurious travel and accommodation for the proposal itself. All of a sudden, the allure of a famous brand name becomes less appealing in favour of the complete package. A romantic weekend, inclusive travel, a dedicated jewellery store and an idyllic place to propose. The time well spent researching where to buy results in money well spent on the final ring.

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