The Solitaire Effect: Get the solitaire-like brilliance on a budget!


Do you own some dazzling solitaire jewellery in your collection? If you don’t, then you must consider adding these beauties to your accessories wardrobe! Many of us may think that solitaire jewellery is highly-priced and unaffordable. There is no denying that solitaires are radiant and mesmerising! We bring you the ‘solitaire effect’ – and affordable solitaire jewellery option, so that you can experience the pleasure of wearing these treasured stones, too! 

The solitaire effect is when dozens of small diamonds are set very close together, with almost no metal visible in between them,  to give the illusion of a single, large solitaire diamond. This way, you can own a piece of jewellery that looks like a solitaire without burning a hole in your pocket!

Solitaires are a desire of every woman, and owning them may be a dream come true for many. These sparkling and glitzy stones can add tons of panache to your style and beauty. Solitaire jewellery looks incredibly sophisticated and classy. Here are some affordable ‘solitaire effect’ jewellery options that you can try! 

  • Dainty Solitaire-effect Pendants: Pendants are jewellery staples, and thus, when it comes to accessorizing the neckline, the first thing that pops in our minds is dainty pendants. You can pick from a wide array of delicate and dainty solitaire pendants that are ideal for everyday wear, too! Solitaire pendants come in many shapes and sizes and also in various metal settings. Pick the colour of the metal, depending on your preferences. Try a sleek pendant to add unique grace to your look and make you stand out in a crowd! 
  • Elegant Solitaire-effect Earrings: A perfect pair of earrings can accentuate your facial features and make you look more stunning. Where timeless stud earrings are ideal for regular or daily wear, a pair of dangling earrings can make a fashion statement at a party or gathering. If you are looking for a daily-wear option, studs are a better choice. However, dangling earrings can become an ideal accessory for parties and special occasions. Buy an adorable pair of solitaire-studded earrings to add some ethereal charm to your look! Diamond Earrings
  • Classy Solitaire-effect Rings: One of the most preferred and loved solitaire jewellery option is a solitaire ring. If you haven’t invested in a solitaire ring until now, well, you must get one because it is a must-have jewellery option for every woman. Though a solitaire ring is classy and elegant in its own way, however, you can also amplify the look by stacking it with other gold or diamond rings. No other accessory can beat the luxury of owning a solitaire ring. Diamond Ring
  • Fascinating Solitaire-effect Bracelets: Accessorizing with an eye-catching bracelet can only make an ideal statement jewellery option but it can also make lasting impressions on anyone. Invest in a sleek and stylish solitaire bracelet to enhance your style quotient and look good and classy every time you wear it. Diamond Bracelet`

Investing in some of these solitaire-effect jewellery options is an ideal choice as such designs and patterns are dazzling and spectacular, yet affordable. Go for these beauties to accessorize and look stylish all the time because solitaires are always in fashion!

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