Do Rose Gold Settings Make a Good Alternative for a Diamond Ring?


How popular are Rose Gold settings for diamond rings?

Have you considered Rose Gold settings for your jewellery? The large majority of diamond rings have either a White Gold or a Platinum setting. This tendency to set diamonds into white metal helps to maximise the diamond size. As a result, the eye is drawn into the diamond, rather than focusing on the surrounding metal. Fewer designs offer a Rose Gold setting for a diamond. We decided to buck this trend with a few Rose Gold examples. This deviation from regular White Gold settings should make a refreshing change. Furthermore, it should be noted that most of our website designs can be crafted in 18ct Rose Gold, with or without an adjoining Rose Gold band. Owing to the way we work—making rings to order, any combination is possible.

What gives Rose Gold its colour?

The unique colour of Rose Gold derives from the Copper content of the metal. We advise buyers to opt for 18ct Rose Gold. The colour is more subtle and is more durable than 9 carat Rose Gold . Only a small quantity of Copper is used, with 75 percent of the metal composed of pure Gold.

Rose Gold Settings for Solitaire Engagement Rings

Creating an entire engagement ring, with one diamond (read more about what a solitaire ring is here) set into Rose Gold has a wonderful effect. A truly white diamond (ideally D, E or F colour) contrasts against the arm coppery hue of the Gold. One part rings are cast in one piece—usually made in a single precious metal choice.

Here we see the Renoir engagement ring design, crafted in a single mount made from 18ct Rose Gold.

Rose Gold engagement rings with Pink Sapphires

Owing to the warm pinkish hue of Rose Gold, both pink and brown diamonds combine wonderfully well. If you wish to combine white metal with Rose Gold, ensure that your chosen design features separate elements. It is then possible for the separate parts to be made in the desired metal choice. Our main example shows the Calista diamond ring design which pairs beautifully with a White Gold band for contrast.

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