All that Dazz!! Accessorise the Indian Brides and Bridesmaids with These Statement Pieces


On your most important day, accessories are something you cannot go without as it is a great way to supplement your look. It is not just the outfit; your choice of accessories is also a way to express to the world the kind of woman you are, smart, bold, and sophisticated. These bridal accessories help the brides set themselves apart from all the other women guests present at the wedding.

Maang Tikka

One of the most important wedding accessories for a bride is the maang tikka that is worn on the forehead. A simple maang tikka can be made of gold embellished with a few stones and head beads and engraved with intricate designs. If you want to make it grand, then you could pick a larger maang tikka with larger beads and coloured stones. Maang tikka encrusted with polka, kundan, or pearls, is something that can be worn for every outfit. Some women wear this with the maatha patti which is an elaborate headgear with a band like ornament with a beautiful arrangement of pearls and stones.

Nose pin or Nath

Another accessory that allows the bride to stand out of the crowd is the nath or nose pin. The bride’s nose can be adorned by a delicate gold ring with a beaded chain attached to it that connects the nath to the earring. If you do not have a pierced nose then you could get the modern ‘press’ version that many brides use nowadays. These can be pressed or stuck to the nose instead of wearing an original nosepin. But if you do have a pierced nose then it can be adorned by a kundan, gold, polka, or diamond nose pin.


BanglesBangles are a great way to adorn your wrists and are another integral part of the bridal ensemble. Traditionally, most brides wear green and red glass bangles but this should not stop you from adding various vibrant colours to your wrists. Pick bangles that match your outfit and contrast this with pearl or gold bangles. This would make a striking set on your special day. If you are going with only gold, then pick delicate and thin ones to wear at the centre flanked by elaborate and intricate bangles on both sides.

Simple and Minimalistic

NecklaceFor the bridesmaids who are not a big fan of large and heavy accessories, you could keep things low-key with simple and minimalistic designs. This simple jewellery is the perfect way for you to look classy without reducing your glamour quotient. You will find a lot of jewellery pieces made from gold or diamonds and embellished with vibrant stones and pearls. Invisible rings are also a great way to look awesome and edgy and would be perfect for a wedding. Select from the large collection of traditional, modern, and fusion designs. Nothing would go wrong with these simple yet elegant pieces.

Something traditional, yet unique is what most Indian brides want. This list of beautiful accessories will make sure you look your best on your special day.

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