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Somewhere around 5000 years ago, we started making those dazzling pieces of jewellery to adorn our ears, neck and wrists. Yes, jewellery making is that old dating back to the Indus Valley Civilization. India boasts a rich inheritance of the traditional jewellery making art and has emerged to be one of the major jewellery creator and buyer in the Asian subcontinent.

The idea behind designing the Navratna jewellery is the belief that precious stones and metals possess celestial powers, and thus, the person who adorns or wears them would be gifted with immense supernatural power and support. Navratna jewellery is considered to be the most powerful amongst all other types of precious jewels. A traditional Navratna jewellery consists of nine gems, the reason behind the name ‘Navratna’, which was derived from Sanskrit. So, the nine gems include – diamond, ruby, emerald, hessonite, cat’s eye, coral, pearl, blue sapphire, and yellow sapphire. The best part about Navratna jewellery is that each of these gems has a speciality!

Importance of the gems as per Indian astrology:

  1. Women are from Venus, so are diamonds!

The planet, Venus, is a symbol of love, beauty, and feminine energy. Adorning diamonds can bring grace, charm and positive energy for anyone who has a conflicting Venus in their horoscopes. Diamonds are considered safe to be worn by everyone.

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  1. The Sartorial charm – Blue Sapphire!

Also known as Shani in Hindu mythology, a weak Saturn leads to health and financial problems in our lives. Wearing blue sapphire can help ease out major problems in life. It is advised that blue sapphire should be worn with caution and needs to be worn in combination with other compatible gems.

Blue Sapphire Jewellery

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  1. Salutations to the Sun God – Ruby!

It is believed that wearing ruby enhances the qualities of leadership, vitality, independence, focus, and purity. It must be worn with compatible gems to keep negative feelings like egoism, and self-centredness, at bay.

Ruby Jewellery

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  1. Off to the moon with the Pearls!

The lovely natural pearls are believed to enhance mental strength, amiability, self-contentment, and emotional stability. It is advised to wear pearls with other gems to balance off the positives and negatives.

Pearl Jewellery

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  1. Men are from Mars, so are Red Corals!

Red corals are associated with vibrant energy and sexuality. Adorning red corals increases insight and courage.

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  1. Yellow Sapphire for wisdom!

Planet Jupiter symbolises joy, wisdom, compassion and enthusiasm. Wearing a yellow sapphire under the advice of an astrologer can enhance happiness and prosperity in life.

Yellow Sapphire Jewellery

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  1. Hessonite for a better behavioural pattern!

Hessonite brings clarity in thinking and balances the negative influence of external sources in our lives!

Hessonite Jewellery

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  1. Cat’s Eye for the descending lunar node!

Ketu conflict in a person’s horoscope can cause uncertainty, lack of concentration, and doubts. Wearing this gem would help alleviate these problems. It should be worn as per the guidance of an astrologer.

Ketu Jewellery

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  1. Emerald for mental control!

Adorning emerald enhances better communication skills, mental alertness and control. While generally emeralds are considered safe to be worn by anyone, it is advisable not to wear it if you are suffering from psychological problems.

Emerald Jewellery

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As mentioned above, you can individually wear these gemstones or all together in the Navratna jewellery. You can go for Navratna rings, earrings or pendants for a rich and royal look! In the ancient times Navratna jewellery was considered so precious that only the royals had access to it, so why not buy them and re-live the era!

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