Rock That Cocktail Look With Rings & Pendants


Cocktail designs are a great way to grab everybody’s attention. Though nobody ever really knows where these stand in the jewellery hierarchy, it still illuminates the necks and hands of prominent women. What makes cocktail jewellery unique is the splashy designs embellished with glistening gemstones and materials.

Origin of Cocktail Rings
The cocktail rings came into fashion during the 1920s. These were a product of the prohibition era of America. This was the time where society faced much advancement in jewellery these days come in so many vibrant colours made from expensive gemstones and materials. There are myriad shapes and designs, and it is not at all hard to find the one that matches your tastes. There is never really a limit to the eccentricity of cocktail jewellery.

How to wear cocktail rings and pendants?
Cocktail rings have always been worn on the right hand so that there is a clear separation from wedding, engagement, or other personal rings. Rings and pendants are best worn during special occasions where the excessive and elaborate become normal for the night. These are no means everyday jewellery and must be carefully chosen for special occasions. Some people wear these rings on the right hand’s index finger.
Another thing to consider before wearing the jewellery is the clothes that are accompanying it. You can pair cocktail pendants or rings with the earrings or clothing you have decided on wearing.

Discovering the perfect material
Cocktail rings are made from many high-end materials and you will definitely find the one that suits your tastes and outfits.
Rose gold and sparkly diamonds are a spectacular combination and would suit every woman. These materials are great at bringing out your subtle yet elegant look.

Another great combination is White gold embellished with diamonds. This is a rich and mesmerising way to bring out your fingers.

Look like royalty with classic yellow gold and diamonds and rock the party look with cocktail rings like these.

If you are looking for something colourful, then gold embellished with beautiful vibrant gemstones is the way to go. You can find these colourful gemstones along with shiny diamonds allowing you to match them with your outfit.

Cocktail pendants
You can draw all eyes to you by matching your partywear with cocktail pendants. Looking majestic and royal, these pendants are made from gold, diamonds, and gemstones to suit your style.

Browse through our large collection of cocktail rings and pendants. You can choose the perfect one for the next occasion to make a bold statement!

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