Engraved Engagement Rings and Secret Diamonds


Commissioning your very own engraved engagement ring

An engraved engagement ring substantially deepens the sentimental impact of your engagement ring. Beyond the proposal, an engraved engagement ring carries a unique element of personalisation. Within this guide, we aim to discuss some of the key considerations. Furthermore, our advice comes out of experience helping to create perfect engagement rings. As a result, we have broken down this article into easy-to-digest sections.

Types of engravings for engagement rings

We apply many different styles of engravings to engagement rings. Engraved detail typically applied to the inside of the band. Traditionally, engagement rings were hand-engraved with a written script. Hand engraving scratches the surface of the metal to create the desired result. Although traditional techniques remain an option, we favour laser engraving for most rings.

Modern engraving techniques for diamond engagement rings

Today, the very best results come from precision laser engraving. As a result of technology, we apply clear, crisp engravings in any typeface. Beyond regular plain text, we also provide more intricate engravings. For instance, fingerprints can be added to a ring. Another option includes actual heartbeats. Both services remain very popular—, especially for wedding rings.

Biblical engraving example, clear and easy to read, applied in a combination of IrisUPC and Sakkal Majalla. 

Firstly, laser engravings are crisp and clear. A great many choices exist for fonts, giving clients a wonderful choice for their word style. Graphics including fingerprints, dates and even a heartbeat can be added.

Best fonts for engraved engagement rings

There is no single ‘best’ font for engraved engagement rings. Generally, we recommend avoiding script style fonts. Most noteworthy, simple styles appear more readable when scaled down to fit. Subsequently, the following guidelines help to create a clear engraving.

Avoid script style fonts. 

Keep sentences short.

Consider a simple font for the engraving. 

Consider applying letters in capitals. 

Break up sections of text with dot separators. 

Consider Roman Numerals instead of digits for impact 

Including a secret diamond within the band of an engagement ring

The addition of a ‘secret diamond’ is a lovely touch within the engagement ring. However, there are important considerations for this small but significant detail. The band of the ring needs to be a certain depth for the flush-set diamond. Since most engagement ring bands are fairly shallow in depth, we recommend creating a bespoke engagement ring. This process includes designing an engagement ring with enough metal to seat a small brilliant cut diamond. This option adds a secret diamond between the words within your engraving. Interestingly, we often replace letters with diamonds for an interesting alternative effect.

Getting expert help making an engraved diamond engagement ring

If you’re in any doubt about your engagement ring design, choice of engraving or whether or not to include a secret diamond, we can help.

Our depth of experience and range of services are at your disposal. Let us create the perfect engagement ring—with or without an engraving. Contact us today for no-obligation help and guidance.

Finally, you can view additional engraving examples on our engraved wedding rings page from the Serendipity Diamonds website.

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