Two-Finger Rings: Make a statement with these elegant and trendy pieces of jewellery



Are you looking for a unique yet fashionable ring? Then the creative two-finger rings are just right for you! As the name proposes, two-finger rings are worn jointly on two fingers -be it conjointly on the middle and ring finger or any two adjoining fingers of your choice. Two-finger rings have made a big splash in recent times. And we are not surprised! They are nothing less than a “double bonanza” wherein a solo ring is designed to grace two fingers.

Artistic two-finger rings with their trendy and modern designs are nothing less than sheer beauty. Negotiating the ideal balance between vintage and ultra-modern, two-finger rings are perfect for any occasion. Chic with a contemporary flair, these rings will get you red carpet ready in a flash.

Keeping in mind the latest trends, we present to you a delightful assortment of two-finger rings to suit your style, mood and every occasion. Designed to perfection, each jewellery piece reflects our skilled craftsmanship and inventiveness. Elaborate lines add depth and soul to the designs, making them delectably ornate. No wonder, our collection looks inspired and magnificent.

  1. Diamond Ring

Nothing spells grandeur and class better than sparkling diamonds. Diamond-studded two-finger rings are the realisation of this very notion. Beautiful diamonds come together to weave an exquisite design that is simply one-of-a-kind. If flowers are your thing, then you can pick a ring wherein diamonds are elegantly set in a floral arrangement on a charming rose gold band. This eye-catching ring is sure to become the defining feature of your ensemble. Another option is a ring featuring a twofold loop of yellow-gold holding a diamond-studded flower that elegantly curves circling the fingers.


  • Pearl Ring

This ring applauds the timeless appeal of classic pearls. Numerous glittering diamonds gather around the silhouette of a beautiful flower in yellow gold which is further beautified by a precious pearl placed at the centre. Wear this studded radiance to your special occasion and watch people give you all the attention.

Crowning Glory White Pearl Ring
  • Gemstone Ring

If you always wished to make a subtle yet distinctive statement, you can begin with opting for a gemstone two-finger ring. You can make a colour statement by selecting your favourite gemstone in a solo design or joining two or more amidst the glitter of diamonds.

Kalpi Gemstone Ring


Two-finger rings are an effortless way to make an unforgettable fashion statement. They make the perfect jewellery for your cocktail parties, weddings or any festive celebration. You can style them with any attire- be it formal or casual. They are bound to turn the spotlight on you. So, get going and explore our illustrious ring collection which owns something for everybody. You will love our exclusive designs which come at an affordable price and are sure to revamp your style by a couple of notches. You can do this from the comfort of your home by browsing our website. You can compare the different designs and then pick your favoured one with a simple click and get it delivered right at your doorstep. You can also enjoy the benefit of discounts available on online purchase. Quality and pleasant shopping experience are assured. So, you have one more reason to check out our website. Go ahead and take home a tasteful two-finger ring today and celebrate yourself with some dance and glitter.

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