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Engagement rings with skinny or thin bands.

If you’re looking for an engagement ring with a skinny or thin band then this article was written for you. There are different pros and cons when it comes to wearing a and engagement ring with a thin band. Today, we offer some guidance on choosing an engagement ring with a slim band, along with some suggestions for design.

Engagement ring design shown in our featured image above – Finesse emerald cut solitaire ring

Thin band engagement ring or thick band ring?

Engagement rings come in all shapes and sizes with wide bands, narrow bands, straight bands and tapering bands. In fact, the thickness or depth of the band can vary greatly from style to style.

For buyers looking for a more affordable engagement ring, or a commitment or promise ring, a lighter band saves on cost. Especially in less expensive metal choices.

Slim band or slim shank?

Firstly, it is worth noting that many jewellers refer to the band as the ‘shank‘ of the ring. Some ring shanks adjoin the setting, whilst others attach to the setting through a process called ‘mounting.’ The process of making an engagement ring takes between 3-4 weeks. Our clients typically choose their engagement ring design from our website or showroom collection. They then customise the ring depending on their budget and preferences for diamond quality.

Tall settings with a slim engagement ring band

Slim engagement rings sometimes appear with tall settings. Like a long, slim neck, a skinny band combined with a tall setting give grace and poise to the design. For example, the Flute design featured below provides this effect. The slim band is slim, but crafted with strength for daily wear.

The Calla engagement ring design offers a tall setting with a slim, yet durable band. 

Comfort and the thickness of your engagement ring band

Consider the thickness of the band when choosing a slim shank. If the band is too shallow, the band will be weak. At the same time, too thick and the band will be too ‘chunky’ and uncomfortable.

Some engagement rings feature knife-edged shoulders, tapering from a regular width band. This gives a skinny band look, with enough strength for day to day wear.

The diamond cluster engagement ring below features a solitaire effect with a thin band enhancing the setting size. Knife-edged shoulders slim the appearance of the band. 

Diamond cluster engagement ring with a skinny band

How wide are most engagement ring bands?

The standard width for an engagement ring band is 2.5mm.  Engagement rings with skinny bands range from 1.5mm – 2.0mm in width. Wide band engagement rings are less popular. Wider bands make the diamond appear smaller, unless you have a large diamond or gemstone set into the ring.

Is it possible to order an ultra-thin engagement ring band?

It is possible to find engagement ring bands under 1.5mm. We strongly recommend against ultra-thin bands. Instead, we suggest 2mm, with a reduced thickness in the shoulder section of the ring.

Thin bands worn as a combined ring set

Thin bands worn as a ring set offer greater strength when worn together. Take our clover design for example. Shown here, each fine band can be worn along. Together they have more strength and look incredible in three colours.

Clover thin band ring set with stacking three colour rings


Engagement rings with slim, diamond set shoulders

Skinny ring styles with diamond set shoulders add a little extra sparkle to an engagement ring. There are many engagement ring design featuring diamond shoulders—some with narrow bands.

The Orchid engagement ring design features skinny diamond shoulders and a petite flower arrangement, set with a diamond, surrounded by Pink Sapphires. 

If you would prefer the addition to diamonds on your wedding ring instead, there are many skinny or thin eternity ring styles to complement a slim band engagement ring.


Petite pink sapphire cluster ring with skinny diamond set shoulders

Best precious metals for skinny band engagement rings

Carefully consider your precious metal when choosing and engagement ring with a slim band. We recommend Platinum, or 18ct Gold to give enough strength and durability to the ring. Avoid Silver at all cost. Silver lacks the strength offered by other precious metals.

Even the more expensive Platinum engagement rings can bend out of shape. For this reason, there are few engagement rings created with a band under 2mm wide.

Skinny diamond eternity ring

Popular styles of engagement ring with a thin band

There are advantages and disadvantages for skinny band engagement rings. Here are a few of each for consideration. Most important, remember a thin band engagement ring enhances the ring setting. The size of the ring setting and diamond looks bigger than with a wide band engagement ring.

The following Princess cut engagement ring features slim shoulders and is available by request.

Princess cut engagement ring with slim shoulders

What are the advantages of an engagement ring with a skinny band?

Skinny engagement ring bands are made with a lighter weight. They have a lower gram weight. As a result, they are less expensive. 

Skinny engagement ring bands enhance the size of the setting.

A slim band can give more comfort than a wider band. 

Delicate and fine, perfect for slim finger.

A skinny band will match beautifully with a dainty wedding ring—with or without diamonds.

The half diamond eternity ring below is 1.6mm in width, set with 0.25cts of diamonds. (Available by request approx. £850 based on current prices.)

Slim eternity ring 1.6mm wide set with diamonds

Disadvantages of an engagement ring with a thin band

Any future size adjustments will reduce the width of the ring. For this reason, ensure that the ring is wider under the finger.

Skinny ring shanks are weaker and more prone to bending under pressure. Avoid Silver as a choice of precious metal for this reason. 

Slim band engagement rings often have very fine detail on the setting. Ensure the diamond setting gives plenty of protection to the stone. 

Slim shanks often look disproportionate on larger fingers. Fat fingers rarely suit skinny bands. Larger engagement rings work better on bigger hands. 

Creating a fine engagement ring band with strength

Many of our engagement rings feature slim bands with enough durability for daily wear. Choose a skinny band by all means, but ensure it has enough strength. For example, a 2.5mm wide band has plenty of strength. If tapered to a fine width at the setting, the band appears skinny, but has enough strength.

Further guidance on engagement rings featuring a slim or skinny band

Please contact us for style suggestions related to engagement rings with skinny bands. We have many engagement rings featured online, and many thousands of designs in our showroom. We advise clients daily on suitable styles. Furthermore, we offer a complete bespoke design service. Working with the latest CAD design technology, we are able to design any ring, with any desired width. All information and quotes are provided without obligation.

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