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Emerald Cut Diamonds – finding the perfect setting for an Emerald cut diamond.

When it comes to jewellery, the expression ‘less is more’ is often used. It’s especially true for engagement ring settings.

Most engagement ring settings frame the diamond. The perfect setting will surround the diamond, complimenting the shape and cut of the stone.

The Emerald cut, one of the three most popular diamond shapes for engagement rings

What is an Emerald Cut?

An Emerald cut is a style of diamond cut with distinctively stepped facets. Unlike brilliant cut diamond cuts, the Emerald cut appears less ‘flashy.’ As a result, it is a more refined shape boasting greater fire than sparkle. Typically cut in a variety of rectangular proportions, the Emerald cut remains a very popular choice for an engagement ring. Although not as popular as the Round Brilliant-cut, or Princess cut, it ranks very highly as a popular diamond shape.

Four Claw Emerald Diamond Engagement Ring

The ‘Eden’ Solitaire Emerald cut engagement ring features a simple 4 claw setting.

The importance of diamond clarity for Emerald cut diamonds

It is worth noting that any inclusions are more clearly visible within an Emerald cut diamond. For this reason, we advise a clarity grade of VS1 or above. This will ensure that your Emerald cut diamond appears clean and free from visible marks within the stone. Other diamond shapes such as the Princess cut are more forgiving of small inclusions.

2 carat emerald cut and 2 carat princess cut photographed alongside each other

Showing the Emerald cut (left) and Princess cut (right) the latter being more forgiving in lower clarity grades. 


Solitaire Emerald-Cut setting vs Emerald-cut halo ring

Simple Emerald cut settings appear understated and elegant. Despite the popularity of simple solitaire designs, the revival of Halo designs offer more sparkle. Typically surrounded by small brilliant cuts, they offer a fabulous way to increase the size and show of smaller Emerald cut diamonds.

Kiera Emerald cut diamond halo engagement ring

Showing the beautiful Kiera engagement ring design featuring a single halo and diamond set shoulders

Further Emerald Cut Ring Designs

If you’re looking for more design inspiration, check out our full collection of Emerald cut engagement rings in the shop section of our website.

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