Deep Greens and Blues are the colours I choose – Adorn yourself in these beautiful Emerald and Sapphire designs


Stunning colours can only add glamour to look and style. What better way to colour up your persona than to adorn beautiful Emerald and Sapphire jewellery that radiates ethereal exquisiteness and charm. Emerald, a green coloured precious gemstone is known in Vedic astrology to bestow success in intellectual and creative pursuits and careers. Sapphire, another prized gemstone, is typically blue but “fancy” sapphires in purple, yellow, orange colours are also prevalent. As per Vedic astrology, Sapphire is a very powerful stone known to bring fame, success and wealth in wearer’s life. These qualities notwithstanding, both Emerald and Sapphire have an unmatched allure and charm which is simply irresistible. Case in point being the Heart of Ocean sapphire pendant featured in the popular Titanic movie which awed the viewers with its striking beauty.

If you wish to revel in deep greens and vibrant blues, then we have a wide range of treasured gemstone-studded jewellery pieces which will allow you to flaunt your vivacious style with panache. Take a look at our exclusive collection which feature unisex designs of one-of-a-kind that can become family heirlooms that will be passed down through generations.  

  1. Pendants

These dainty pendants are the epitome of divine beauty. Each iconic piece showcases unique elegance and creativity in its design and form. Add regal grace to your neckline by adorning a classy piece such as the Mystee Blue Sapphire pendant which brings together the azure gorgeousness of sapphire and the yellow radiance of gold.

  1. Rings

These standout rings are sure to lend an everlasting beauty to your personality. Sapphire-studded rings are a popular choice for engagement rings, the most famous one being that of Princess Diana’s which Prince Harry presented to his fiancé, now wife, Catherine Middleton to mark their engagement. The elegant combination of blue sapphire and diamonds may be the perfect ring for your beloved to seal your everlasting bond.

  1. Earrings

If classic earrings are your thing, then you may be spoilt for choice. You can opt for drop earrings or simple sapphire stud earrings. You may remember Princess Diana often wearing a pair of oval sapphire studs. If blue is not your colour, then you can always opt for another colour like pink. The radiance of diamonds combined with the charisma of pink sapphire is out-of-the-world.

  1. Bracelets

These charming bracelets with their refined designs can only enhance the natural elegance of a woman. You can consider wearing sapphires or emeralds in a bangle or bracelet like the Cinzia Emerald Bracelet or Cinzia Blue Sapphire Bracelet.

Sapphires and Emeralds are guaranteed to look stunning on anyone and look classy when worn. They define a woman’s beauty! So, check out our website and pick your desired ones through online shopping. With our diverse collection, you are sure to find your choice of style. You can choose the valuable gemstones unaccompanied or join the two to create your own exceptional, unique piece. With a mere click, you can browse and buy your favourite design from the comfort and convenience of your home. And rest assured, we tick all the boxes of creativity, quality and cost-effective. So, get going and shop today!

Featured Image Credits: International Gem Society

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