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Calla, shown here in all 18ct Yellow Gold

High engagement rings featuring tall settings

If you are looking for lofty engagement ring featuring a tall setting, we have the perfect post—so read on! Many of our clients look for a tall diamond ring setting to display their diamond to the fullest effect. Whether you’re looking for a tall solitaire engagement ring or a diamond cluster ring with exceptional height, we can help.

Why choose a tall engagement ring setting?

The first reason for choosing a high ring setting is the desire to show off your rock. Many clients love the look of the Tiffany ring with simple claws reaching out with a mesmerizing brilliant-cut diamond. Other buyers choose a tall setting out of necessity. Many coloured gemstones are cut very deeply—far deeper than most diamonds in fact. As a result, a tall setting allows enough depth for the underside of the gemstone.

Solitaire design photographed from the Serendipity Diamonds showroom collection (enquire for details)

What is the average height for an engagement ring setting?

The average height of an engagement ring setting is approximately 5.5mm. This measurement is taken from where the setting touches the finger—measured to the tip of the claw.

Larger diamonds have more depth and require taller settings. An increase in the carat weight of any diamond results in an increase in both diameter and depth for the diamond. Refer to any diamond size chart and you will see this relationship between carat weight and physical size.

Higher Tiffany Ring Styles

Many ring styles strike an excellent balance between design and height. A perfect example has to be the Tiffany inspired design shown below. Available as a finished ring mount we supply this design set or unset. Accommodating any diamond size, the design includes a classic six-claw setting reminiscent of the famous Tiffany engagement ring designs which have become iconic.



Tall Tiffany style engagement ring setting R1D077 is perfect for adding height.

High engagement ring settings vs low engagement ring settings

There are pros and cons to both low and high engagement ring settings. High settings benefit from greater visibility. However, higher settings are sometimes prone to being knocked. For this reason, many of our designs are tall, but not excessively. As a result, there is a practical element for daily wear.

Do tall engagement rings require a deep wedding ring?

Most high ring settings allow a straight band to sit flush with the engagement ring. In contrast, other ring styles demand a shaped wedding ring. We also refer to wedding-ring-friendly designs as ‘Wedfit’. Lifting the setting onto the band allows a regular straight wedding ring to sit neatly alongside.

Taller wedding ring friendly setting for an engagement ring with matching wedding band

Taller twist engagement rings

For a variation to the tall solitaire, try the Juliana design. The twist design features fine claws rising from intricate diamond shoulders. Without being excessively tall, the Juliana design lifts the diamond beautifully. Furthermore, most of the diamond is exposed—allowing light to flood through the stone.

Juliana high twist engagement ring with diamond shoulders

What do you do if you cannot find a high enough ring setting?

If your gemstone is too large, or other settings appear too low, then we provide a bespoke design service. Working with CAD design, we create the ring of your dreams at the height of your choice. Contact us for more help or information on creating the tallest setting, the shortest setting, or somewhere in between.

More information on setting styles

For more information on setting styles, don’t forget to view examples of different styles on our eduction page. On this page we cover most of the various ring settings available for jewellery.


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