How Long Does an Engagement Ring Take to Make?


How long does a typical engagement ring take to make?

If you’re shopping for engagement rings, you will almost certainly want to know how long it takes when you order an engagement ring. Most engagement rings purchased through a jeweller, take a certain amount of time to make. Furthermore, much depends on the type of ring ordered.

Ready-made engagement rings vs made-to-order engagement rings

You will almost certainly consider either a ready-made engagement ring, or an engagement ring made to order. Obviously, a ready-made ring takes no time to create. A made to order engagement ring, in contrast, can take several weeks to make.

Types of made-to-order engagement rings

How long do standard engagement rings take to make?

Existing designs are examples such as those seen in our engagement rings section of our website. Our standard designs are created to order, cast and crafted into the final ring.

Fairtrade Gold takes an additional week since it is cast separately and less frequently than regular 18ct Gold. 

Buyers choose their ring style, pick their diamond and metal type and the engagement ring is made to order in the correct finger size.

How long do bespoke engagement rings take to make?

Another type of engagement ring is the bespoke engagement ring. Bespoke engagement rings, take 1 week to design, followed by 5 weeks to craft. This timescale is based on completely bespoke design.

Bespoke engraved engagement ring in Rose Gold.

Example of a bespoke engagement ring which takes longer than a regular engagement ring design — designed and crafted just for you. 

We design rings with our clients’ approval before making the ring, working with their chosen materials. Owing to the work involved, the timescale will be longer than an existing design engagement ring.

Engagement ring timescales

Last minute engagement rings

It is not unusual for a client to need an engagement ring within a very short space of time. For example, a spontaneous trip combined with the decision to propose. Under such circumstances, we frequently loan out our showroom samples. Usually, this serves perfectly well for a proposal. In addition, there is an advantage to choosing the final ring together—ensuring the correct finger size is chosen. Alternatively, a selection of ready-made engagement rings provides another way to source a ring speedily.

Illusion of a halo ring by the Starla cluster design

Starla from our Ready-to-Wear collection available by next day delivery depending on availability. 

Beware engagement rings made in a mere couple of days

Take care when purchasing an engagement ring, made to order in a matter of days. Typically, such rings exhibit reduced quality. By comparison, a finished ring mount can be quite easily set within a matter of days. You will note this from our chart above.

How to get more help with lead times on engagement rings

Whether you are a retailer in need of assistance or a member of the public, we can help. We advise contacting us with details of the ring style needed. Try to include as much information as possible. Information including metal choice, diamond size, colour and clarity help. Additionally, we require some guidance on finger size. Alternatively, just pick up the phone and chat with us. We are used to giving expert help on all of these details. All information and help come without any obligation on your part. Furthermore, we have many great ideas to share with you. Our small and friendly team remain on-hand to guide you at every step of the way.

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