Yellow Gold Engagement Rings with Platinum Settings


Yellow Gold Engagement Rings with Platinum Settings


The three choices of metal colour for engagement rings – white gold or Platinum, yellow gold and yellow gold with a white gold or Platinum setting.

Where to Purchase Gold Engagement Rings with Platinum Settings?

Most people buying an engagement ring will select either white gold, yellow gold, or platinum.  We actually have 4 precious metal options for many of our rings if you include Palladium as one of the choices, but a 5th alternative exists. But many people are unaware that this 5th option is available: an 18ct gold band with a platinum setting. Some years ago, when 18ct yellow gold had greater popularity, platinum settings were popular. Today, most two-colour ring designs are largely 18ct white and yellow gold. A lower price that is easier to cost accounts for why many retailers offer the yellow and white gold option.

Does Platinum look grey?

It is true that Platinum is less ‘white’ than Silver or the Rhodium applied to White Gold. Having said this, Platinum is very similar in appearance and mirror polished. Like all precious metals, it wears over time to a natural patina and is easily repolished back to as-new condition.

Is Platinum scratch resistant?

Platinum will scratch but this wear is consistent with most precious metals. Over time, the metal will naturally dull over time. A clean and re-finish will typically cost around £25.00 from ourselves including re-delivery as a guide.

Good Reasons for Platinum Settings?

Since platinum is a naturally white metal, and less malleable than gold, it tends to be a perfect choice for diamond settings, since it is less easily bent. It offers security for the diamond, but does not ‘tarnish’ in the way that 18ct white gold wears to reveal the natural colour of the white gold. Platinum can also be re-polished back to its original condition. White gold settings do have the added protection of rhodium plating, but the whiteness will fade as the rhodium wears.

Two stone yellow gold ring with platinum bezel setting and shaped wedding band

18ct Yellow gold looks incredible for this ring set with a two stone design with Platinum bezels alongside the custom shaped wedding ring. 

Why Choose a White Metal to Surround the Diamond?

If you are buying a two-part engagement ring, where a setting is put onto the shank, it is possible to order the ring mount with a platinum head. White settings are popular to surround the diamond since they are less apparent. Yellow settings draw the eye to the claws, and the colour passes through the diamond reducing apparent whiteness.

How much is a Platinum setting?

As a rule-of-thumb, combining yellow Gold with a platinum setting brings a ring out somewhere in-between all platinum and 18ct yellow gold price. Check out prices on our shop section for engagement rings, and the price will be somewhere in-between.

Engagement rings completely made in 18ct Yellow Gold

All yellow gold engagement ring design R1D037

The engagement ring above shows an all-yellow gold version of a six claw solitaire design. Styles such as this one, which are cast as one-part mounts cannot be made in two metal types.

Engagement Rings completely made out of 18ct White Gold

Ava, R1D001 a four claw engagemetn ring in white metal

Although strictly a two part design (setting and shank) the above ring style has been created with both a white gold setting and shank. This remains one of the most popular choices for gold engagement rings.

Engagement Rings in Gold with a White or Platinum Setting

Art Deco engagement ring R3D023 shown with yellow band and platinum or white gold setting

If your ideal choice is a yellow gold ring, with a white setting, then platinum could be an alternative choice to white gold.

How to Order a Platinum Setting with Yellow or Rose Gold

If you’re considering gold engagement rings with platinum settings, just contact us with details of your chosen style and diamond preferences and we will respond with a detailed quotation for you.

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