Why Does My Engagement Ring Turn Slip and Spin on My Finger?


Why do engagement rings turn on the finger?

If you’re one of the many owners of an engagement ring that keeps on turning, you will almost certainly be wondering why it’s happening.

Some wearers experience the setting moving out of place  — rarely staying central, correctly positioned. This can be very frustrating. Especially if it keeps happening. In extreme cases, an engagement ring can rotate entirely around the finger.

During a recent conversation with one of our clients, I was asked whether large settings (and BIG diamonds) cause a diamond ring to become top heavy. Elizabeth Taylor possibly experienced this problem, but for most people, it’s a simple case of the ring being too large.

Large setting for a solitaire ring – Aquamarine approx. 10 carats in size.

Having the wrong ring size is the most common reason. Perhaps your ring never fitted properly from day one. Or perhaps it happens seasonally — maybe the ring has become looser over time.  If your ring is not snug on the finger could easily slip. It is important that your finger makes firm contact with the surface around the entire inner surface of the ring. Engagement rings don’t generally move that much because the prominent setting comes to rest alongside your other fingers.

Do wide rings fit better than narrow rings?

Wider bands or multiple rings make contact with more surface area across the finger. As a result, a wider spread of rings will fit tighter than a single band. A wide expanse of multiple rings (or even stacking diamond rings) will fit in the same way a wide band fits.

Wide set of diamond stacking rings featuring twist engagement ring

Wide set of stacking rings, featuring a central twist ring, shaped diamond wedding ring and shaped diamond eternity ring. (By bespoke design via Serendipity Diamonds)

The difficulty with ring size and large knuckles

We discussed at length the difficulty faced by anyone with skinny fingers and large knuckles. It can be tricky to get a ring over the knuckle. Once over the knuckle, the ring feels loose.

Skinny fingers and big knuckle trying to find a wedding ring to fit

Big knuckles can impact the fit of an engagement ring when fingers are very slim

What to do if your engagement ring won’t stay in place

The simplest solution by far would be to arrange for your ring to be professionally re-sized to the correct finger size. Check your ring finger measurement correctly checked to ensure the new size is accurate. Choose a finger size that is snug without discomfort. Some people experience a changing finger size. Variations from one week to another impact the ease of determining size. In such circumstances, we recommend choosing a snug size. This size should never feel loose.

Temporary solutions to a loose ring

There are various solutions for ill-fitting rings that are too loose when worn. One example we found involves a cut-to-size spiral of flexible plastic. Unlike metal ring clips, this solution does not scratch the ring.

These are pretty cheap and a short-term solution for loose rings available on various websites including Amazon. 

Temporary solution to help a ring fit better

What are the risks of a loose engagement ring?

Remember that if your ring slips sideways, it is at greater risk of sliding off the finger. Ensure you have adequate insurance on your ring, just in case the unthinkable happens. Jewellery insurance policies typically cover the risk of accidental loss or damage to rings. Some insurers go further by covering items for Worldwide cover. Some insurers offer Gemcheck cards following a claim which can be redeemed at retail jewellers.

Ursula tension set engagement ring more difficult to reduce in size due to tension setting

Consider the risks and make sure you have insurance

A ring slipping on the finger can be an indication that your ring is too large. This is an issue that affects so many people — we hear this often. Seek a professional size assessment from a reputable jeweller. Invest in the small cost to have your ring re-sized to alleviate this problem. Your ring will then fit comfortably without moving. On a final note, just in case the worst happens and your ring is lost, make sure you take out an engagement ring insurance policy that will protect you from loss and accidental damage.

Ballerina Tiffany style setting with 6 claw design

Getting your engagement ring sized – ring styles to avoid

If you’re likely to need a ring size adjustment in the future, consider how suitable your chosen design is for re-size work. Avoid tension style ring settings. Changing the ring size impacts the setting. Choose a claw set ring design. Claws are more easily re-tensioned following sizing work. In addition, choose a ring width with substance. Many retail jewellers offer rings with very slim bands. Resizing often thins the band of a ring, so opt for a 2.5mm wide band where possible.

The effect of big settings and thin bands on engagement ring fit

If you have a thin engagement ring band, with a very large gemstone setting the effect can be more pronounced. But only if you’re ring is incorrectly sized. This is a very good indication that your engagement ring is too large.

Large Tanzanite and diamond halo engagement ring

One of our bespoke Tanzanite and diamond halo engagement rings with a very large gemstone setting. 

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