TREE OF LIFE Necklace – Simple Pendant Designs for Everyday Wear


Inexpensive and affordable, our latest Tree of Life necklace offers beautiful design, simply styled—perfect for daily wear. 

What is the ‘Tree of Life’ symbol?

The ‘Tree of Life’ is a distinctive symbol depicting a stylised tree growing within an enclosing circle. The Tree of Life symbol appears in a variety of designs—some simple and some more detailed.

In Ancient Egypt, the Tree of Life symbolised both death and abundance. The branches represent the heavens and the tree, the center of the universe. The roots descend symbolically into the underworld. The Tree of Life is a spiritual symbol enclosed within a circular form representing the Universe.

There are strong parallels with many cultures including Buddhism. For example, it was beneath a sacred tree where Buddha gained enlightenment.

Meanings for the Tree of Life

There are many meanings behind the Tree of Life as a symbol. The following are just a few of the meanings people connect this symbol to.

Strength, Stability, and Support

Growing over a very long period of time, the Tree of Life represents stability, growth, and strength. This is a perfect symbol for many buyers looking for meaning in their jewellery. Alongside strength, there is a strong connection and association with the concept of support between family and friends, emphasized by this symbol.

Patience and Stillness

A symbol of patience and enduring stillness. As a symbol, the tree is the perfect representation of quiet stillness, patience, and calm. Many spiritual teachers advise spending time sitting under a tree, walking in a forest or just observing the calm stillness reflected by a tree.

Trees and the Cycle of Life

The Tree of Life appears within a circle. This circle represents the World. Connecting to the World, the tree radiates to connect all things. The cycle of life flows and the tree grows to maturity, dies and is reborn within the same World. This eternal cycle is an eternal reminder of rebirth and growth and the interconnection of all life. In addition to the Tree, many alternative designs carry this same theme. Alternative patterns include the repeating leaf pattern—just one symbol we have worked into many jewellery designs.

The Tree of Life as a Symbol of Fertility

The symbol of a tree represents fertility. The growth from seed, to sapling to mature tree resonates with fertility, family, and birth. As such, this has been a powerful Amulet or charm promoting fertility through time.

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