Follow Your Heart – Mesmerize your onlookers in these heart-themed jewellery designs!


Heart-shaped chocolates and jewellery are things a woman finds irresistible! Isn’t it true? Of course, it is! With the season of love approaching, you will surely fumble upon different varieties of hearts wherever you go – heart-shaped cakes, gifts, candles, chocolates, perfumes, and much more! Heart-themed jewellery designs are simply cute and also loved by one and all. So, this Valentine’s day check out stunning heart-motif jewellery designs and adorn them to mesmerise your audience!

Nothing can beat the freshness of first love and excitement of gifting a heart wrapped with love to your special someone! Someday, looking back upon those tiny trinket collections you’ll be smiling at the emotions and feelings attached with that piece of jewellery. None of us can ever forget the dazzling romantic heart-shaped pendant which Rose had adorned in Titanic! Heart themed jewellery exudes a distinct aura of charm and elegance which will never go out of fashion!

We have picked up a few instances of some heart-themed jewellery which you can buy for your lady love or even the ladies can buy for themselves!

  1. Melting heart pendants!

Be ready to fall head over heels in love with the exquisite collection of heart-shaped pendants! Heart-shaped pendants are probably the oldest and most common piece of heart-themed jewellery but what makes it unique is the design and pattern. Choose something according to your taste, after all, it’s you who has to wear it! Contemporary style heart pendants are available in a great variety these days, you may check out couples engraved two halves of one heart, dual heart entangled pendants, diamond heart pendants or a simple gold heart pendant. The choices are many!

  1. Say it with a sparkling heart-shaped ring!

Going down on the knees with a heart-shaped ring is probably the cutest way of proposing someone! Dare she say a no! You can select from an amazing collection of heart-shaped rings, they come in different sizes, colours, and designs. Or you can also choose to personalise a ring to lend it a personal touch. You may go for diamond-encrusted gold or rose gold heart-themed ring or entangled hearts ring, or a ring with tiny hearts on it, or a simple gold heart-themed ring, each of these would simply look perfect!

  1. Charm your way through bracelet with charms!

A bracelet with heart-shaped charms is our personal favourite and perfect for you if you want to impress someone special! A bracelet with tiny heart-shaped charms looks extremely pretty and feminine. We assure you that a trendy diamond rose gold heart-charm bracelet will bring a classic timeless style to her jewellery collection!

  1. Set your own style statement with a heart-themed brooch!

A heart-shaped brooch is probably a very rare and unique way of expressing your love heart-themed jewellery. Nevertheless, a heart-themed brooch is definitely in vogue and would look super cute with your designer outfits. It’s a great gifting option too if you wish to gift a unique and classic piece of jewellery to your loved ones.

This Valentine’s Day, gift your loved one our stunning heart-themed jewellery pieces that can be cherished for a lifetime. Watch her eyes light up in delight!

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