What is the Rex Setting? – Crown Settings for Engagement Rings


The Rex Setting – Crown Set Engagement Rings

One of the most popular engagement ring settings features a crown to hold the diamond. This popular setting style is often referred to as a ‘Rex’ or ‘Crown’ setting. As an example, the Tiffany setting represents a great example—one of the most popular styles of engagement ring. However, an enormous variety of styles exist. As a result, buyers have an incredible variety of designs to choose from. Compared to off-the-shelf engagement rings, we hand-craft Crown setting engagement rings to order. In addition, we provide all precious metal combinations including Fairtrade Gold.

Today, we’ll provide some lovely examples of Rex engagement rings, styled with crown effect settings. Buyers can find all of our designs in our main engagement rings pages.

What is a Rex Setting?

Very simply, the Rex Setting styles itself upon the design of a crown. Interestingly., the name Rex comes from the Latin for ‘King’ or ‘Reigning Sovereign’ but probably closer to ‘Crowned Head,’ probably more in context here.

Beatrice features a beautiful traditional Crown styled setting.

Crown Solitaire Engagement Rings

Crown settings typically feature claws to surround the diamond. The most popular examples include 6 claws symmetrically surrounding the diamond. The setting of a ring sits over the band or shank and is responsible for securing the diamond. The claws or prongs of the Rex setting surround the diamond at equal distances around the stone. Settings made in various precious metals vary in design from simple styles, to more elaborate designs.

Rex Setting - adopted by the six claw Tiffany style engagement ring of R1D077


R1D077 is a great example of the Crown setting, inspired by the popular Tiffany style settings. 

Traditional Crown set engagement rings

The Rex, or Crown setting offers buyers a traditional look. Deviating from contemporary (minimalist) styles, Crown settings give more of a vintage feel. Designs include solitaire, two stone, and trilogy rings. In addition, coloured gemstones feature in some designs. As part of our service, we regularly set alternative coloured gemstones into engagement rings.

Ballerina crown styled wedding ring friendly engagement ring

The Ballerina design, with its simple Rex, or Crown setting style.

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