Get Ready for College/Workplace with these Accessories


Every girl desires to look well-dressed and fashionable at all times! Irrelevant of the fact that whether you are a college student, professional or a businesswoman each of us loves to accessorise our attire in style. But when it comes to getting ready for your college or workspace, it might become an arduous task.  While you try to mix and match the accessories, nothing seems to work correctly, isn’t it? If you can relate to this dilemma of a quintessentially modern woman, then you’re in luck! Today we explore the different accessories which would go well for college and workplace!

  1. Hoops or studs!

Go for simple hoop or stud earrings; these look perfect with western formals or Indian formals. It looks classic, is pretty easy to maintain and extremely comfortable for the office. College students can also opt for stud earrings as it goes well with one-piece or jeans and tops. A small stud with tiny diamonds is best for professionals and college girls.

  1. Sophisticated pendant chains!

pendant necklaceA delicately designed pendant chain would complement your formal look really well! A single solitaire pendant looks remarkably elegant with your business suit! College girls can choose a little funkier pattern, something like a butterfly pendant or tiny delicate florals in rose gold. Chunky neckpieces don’t go well at the workplace or colleges, so make sure whatever you choose is tiny, delicate and elegant!

  1. Simply charming is this charm bracelet!

charm braceletsBracelets are sheer essentials when it comes to accessories! It adds a certain amount of grace and elegance to your overall personality. Charm bracelets are an excellent choice for collegians; the intricately designed charms create a soft chime which looks cute! For professionals, we would recommend something more sophisticated and something that does not chime. An exquisitely designed diamond chain bracelet that’s elegant and delicate would look perfect with your formal or casual attire!

  1. Create a style statement with these versatile rings!

ringsDainty fashionable rings are perfect for both professionals and collegians. Pick something exquisite and sturdy if you are a businesswoman or a professional, a filigree diamond ring may be! College girls need something quirky and romantically feminine to suit their personality and tastes. You may choose to experiment something funky and chic to go well with your trendy attire!

  1. Keep track of the time in vogue with this watch jewellery!

watchThe most important accessory any girl should have is a watch! Remember the famous saying, ‘Time and Tide wait for none’, so keep track of your time wherever you go! Nowadays, more and more ladies are choosing watch jewellery instead of plain watches. You may opt for exclusive rose gold and stone studded watch, which looks exceptionally feminine and accentuates one’s romantic sensuality. Pairing the right kind of accessories to your formal or casual attire accentuates your inner goddess and makes you look more confident. You feel good when you look good! We recommend choosing light and elegant jewellery for office wear without any bling. Note: All images have been sourced from Pinterest for reference purposes. Featured Image Source: Sarita Magazine

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