Diamond Delight: Diamond Bangles For Every Occasion


‘Diamonds need not explain how radiant they are, they just keep shining. Whoever shall admire their brilliance, will find their way to them!’ – Anonymous

The melodious, sweet tinkling sound from the bangle adorned wrist of a lady is something that has been inseparably attached to the rich heritage of our country! Be it the naming ceremony of a baby girl, marriage, or any other traditional function, bangles delightfully find their way to every lady’s wrists! In spite of today’s modern and fast-paced life, we have always found a way to remain rooted to our age-old tradition of adorning the precious gold and diamond jewellery on every special occasion. The charm and elegance of the timeless classic diamond bangles are unparalleled. Every girl deserves to be pampered, and every girl deserves to have a diamond bangle that will always remain close to her heart! On that note here, we have listed a variety of diamond bangles that you may consider while planning for a diamond jewellery shopping!

Delicate Single Line Diamond Bangle

This one is probably the most sought-after diamond bangles by our quintessential modern women! The elegance and beauty of delicately-paved diamonds in a single row are rare to find. A lightweight and delicate bangle can be set in white gold base, yellow gold base or rose gold base as per your choice. By saying delicate, it doesn’t mean that the bangle is delicate in its build or texture; it’s strong and sturdy enough to be worn daily. It is only the appeal and feel of it that looks delicate! You may go for full diamond-studded bangle or half diamond-studded bangle as per your inclination and budget, both look just perfect! This variety of diamond bangles would go well with all your casual occasions. You may even wear it to office or simply wear it everyday!

Light and Fashionable Diamond Bracelet

It’s hard to put it in words, but somehow, diamond bracelet sounds more appealing than diamond bangles! The flexible and free-flowing construction of a diamond bracelet gives it a classic feminine charm and elegance. Light and fashionable diamond bracelets are perfect to complement your office attire and also for all casual occasions!

Exquisite Diamond Kada

The charm and aura of an exquisite diamond Kada will remind you of the famous song ‘Bole Choodiyaan’ from Bollywood! Diamond Kadas are to be preserved for some special occasions like marriages, parties, or other traditional functions. It can be included in your priceless collection of diamond jewellery.

Cute and classic Diamond Mangalsutra Bracelet

A recently discovered jewellery style, diamond mangalsutra bracelets are fast gaining popularity amongst the Indian crowd. The black pearls in the mangalsutra bracelets are what make it look exquisite and distinctive! In India, some of the brides are traditionally supposed to wear black bead mangalsutra, and if you are one of them then this bracelet would go well with your mangalsutra! Even if you don’t wear a black-beaded mangalsutra, you can still go for this diamond-studded mangalsutra bracelet! 

Make sure that you do check out our diamond bangle collection next time you do jewellery shopping! Give your wrists a classic makeover by choosing the one that suits your tastes and wrists! Happy shopping!

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