Be a Diva: Everyday jewellery to elevate your work and casual outfits


As women, we all love jewellery! In fact, it has become an inseparable part of our everyday attire, be it the workplace, casual outings or special dates! But choosing the right jewellery for the right occasion sometimes becomes a challenging task! Just imagine your boss wearing a gaudy necklace along with her a formal tailored suit, something that will attract stares but in a negative way! Or another female employee wearing a delicate piece of jewellery that’s light, yet looks appealing to the eyes! A modern quintessential working woman should choose something that’s sleek, stylish and lightweight to complement her formal look! Moreover, a perfectly themed attire along with the right choices of accessories would boost your confidence! Remember the saying ‘You feel good when you look good!’ Here we have some tips which you can consider while choosing everyday workwear jewellery accessories to elevate your formal or casual outfits!


There’s nothing better than a beautiful stud earring which you can wear to the office that complements your formal attire! The Everlite collection features some classic earring designs that have a delicate appeal and are budget-friendly too! Do not misunderstand when we say that they look delicate as they are perfect to be worn daily. Tiny stud gold earrings or diamond earrings would go well with any casual or work attire.

Pendants & Mangalsutras

Necklaces would simply look too extravagant or showy at the workplace. Go for simple and lightweight pendants instead that would go well with your earrings and workwear. Light and delicate diamond-studded pendants would look perfect with a matching diamond stud. So, be it the everyday workplace, official meetings, casual outing or a formal gathering the Everlite collection has many designs to choose from!

Mangalsutra is a mandatory jewellery that’s to be worn by every Indian woman, even at the workplace! Naturally, you won’t be wearing a huge chain or mangalsutra to the office, so instead, go for something that’s light and easily complements your casual or formal attire. Sleek and sparkling diamond mangalsutras with designer pendants would look perfect with any attire of your choice!

Finger Rings

Women are simply obsessed with finger rings. Finger rings can be considered to be that exquisite piece of office jewellery that would simply go well with anything and everything! A sleek and delicate finger ring truly enhances the beauty of your fingers and especially at the workplace you need to often use the fingers for typing on the computers or laptops! A finger ring gives you a chance to flaunt those elegant fingers of yours!

Go ahead, and treat yourself to some lightweight daily wear jewellery from our stunning collections! Be a show-stopper at any party or your workplace by enhancing your outfits with these radiant pieces of art!

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