Heart Shaped Diamond Rings – Romantic Heart Shaped Ring Settings


Heart-Shaped Engagement Rings – Romantic Styling

An exploration of the heart cut diamond ring

If you’re a big fan of heart-shaped engagement rings, there are two clear choices. Include the heart-shaped styling into the diamond, or include this within the setting. (Or both if you wish to go all-out!)

Altogether, the heart-shaped cut diamond ring makes an impressive stand in most jewellery collections.

When it comes to the heart-shaped diamond, we find an equal response. Half of the population adore the heart shape and an equal portion do not.

Heart-shaped diamond trilogy ring made by bespoke design

Most Romantic Engagement Ring Designs

It must be said that heart-shaped engagement rings offer the most romantic possibilities for design. Let us first of all look at the possibilities for heart-shaped stones.

Pink Sapphire Heart Shape

Pink Sapphire Heart Shape
Expect a vivid, purple-pink colour from a Pink Sapphire

The above photograph shows a natural Pink Sapphire, cut into a heart shape. Combine the beauty of the heart shape, with the girlish quality of the colour pink.

Pink sapphire heart shaped engagement ring with diamond shoulders

Heart-shaped pink sapphire engagement ring from our ready-made collection

Pink Heart Shaped Diamond

Pink heart shaped diamond
Expect more of a subtle colour and a much higher cost with a pink diamond.

Natural pink diamonds are far more expensive than white diamonds. It will come as no surprise that rare natural fancy coloured diamonds demand much higher costs than white diamonds. As the intensity of colour increases so does the cost. Clarity is not such a consideration when it comes to natural coloured diamonds.

Pink Diamond Cost

White Heart Shaped Diamonds

Josephine, 2 stone heart shaped ring - one of our best selling heart shaped diamond rings

Josephine 2 stone heart-shaped ring

Selecting a white heart-shaped diamond ring does not always ensure the same result. We are very careful when we select heart shape diamonds. The shape needs to be pleasing. A clearly defined shape is very important to ensure the chosen shape is noticeable. Smaller heart-shaped diamonds can be obscured by details within the setting. For smaller heart-shaped diamonds, choose the V claw to enhance the point of the stone and to help define the shape.

Lila engagement ring with heart shaped underbezel

Our Lila engagement ring features heart-shaped detail

The Heart Shaped Diamond Solitaire Ring

Single heart-shaped diamond rings remain the most popular way to showcase the heart-shaped diamond. We often say less is more. Our previous paragraph also referenced the V claw to enhance the diamond shape. Aphrodite, shown below, blends simple styling features to create the perfect setting for the heart-shaped brilliant-cut diamond.

Heart shaped diamond solitaire engagement ring
Aphrodite one of our most popular heart-shaped solitaire engagement rings 

Choosing your own Romantic diamond engagement ring

Hopefully, some of the guidance here will help in your search for the perfect, heart styled engagement ring. Hopefully, we’ve presented a few winning designs worthy of consideration. But remember we’re on hand to give additional help, so please contact us for information at any time or add a comment below.

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