2 Carat Solitaire Diamond Ring – Jewellery Photo of the Day


2 carat diamond solitaire engagement ring. Photograph of the Day.  “Sancy” R1D018 four claw engagement ring

2 carat diamond ring details

Taken earlier today, the photograph captures the Sancy 2 carat solitaire ring. Taken face on, the photo reveals the brilliance and size of a 2 carat solitaire engagement ring.

Suitable ring settings for 2 carat diamonds

We recommend a secure setting for large 2 carat diamonds. For 2 carat round solitaire diamonds, more claws offer security. In contrast, minimal settings lack this security. Claws or prongs should space equally around the diamond. For example, the 2 carat Tiffany style solitaire ring below.

2 carat diamond solitaire ring Tiffanie, available in many options

Buying a 2 carat diamond setting

Please remember we offer a  finished ring mount service for any of our designs. Sometimes a ring design does not come in a 2 carat size. As a result, we CAD design the same ring to fit the diamond. Furthermore, we retain the proportions of the ring design. Remember that a 2 carat diamond sits higher in most settings. To explain, the greater depth means that the diamond stands higher from the finger.

Choosing a 2 Carat Solitaire Diamond Ring

Firstly ask yourself a couple of questions. Do you want to know where your diamond came out of the ground? An expensive 2 carat diamond should be traceable. However, very few diamonds include information on origin. We list several diamonds in our main list of CanadaMark diamonds. To explain, each 2 carat diamond includes GIA certification. Furthermore, each diamond has a CanadaMark number. Inscribed on the diamond, both numbers give key information about the diamond. Most importantly, the CanadaMark information ensures a 100% ethical origin. These diamonds originate from the Ekati and Diavik Mines in Canada.

View 2 and 3 carat ethical diamonds

How big are 2 carat solitaire diamonds?

A 2 carat round diamond measures 8mm in diameter. View a comparison between a 2 carat and 3 carat diamond in our other article.

In our first example, we selected an F colour VS2 clarity diamond. For reassurance, the diamond included GIA certification. Owing to this, the grading assessment was accurate. In consequence the diamond retains its full value. Furthermore, the grading will never be questioned.

2 Carat Solitaire Diamond Ring

With the addition of an excellent cut grade, the diamond demonstrated exceptional brilliance compared to other 2 carat diamonds.

Four claws or 6 claws for 2 carat solitaire diamond rings

Choose your setting style. Consider how many claws for your diamond. Four claws benefit from a minimal look. In contrast, 6 claws give a more traditional look. Interestingly 4 prongs give a squared appearance. Again, in contrast, 6 claws follow the round effect.

How to get a 2 carat diamond ring for less

Suggestion : divide the 2 carat diamond weight

If a 2 carat solitaire diamond ring is too expensive, we have suggestions. For example, dividing the overall weight across several diamonds. For example, our Bowery ring. Shown here set with 2 carats of diamonds. Each diamond rests within a full bezel. In total, the ring has a 2 carat diamond weight. Crafted in Platinum, this ring differs from most engagement rings. However, we have made this design for a proposal. Other styles include 2 carat halo rings. Consider a 1 carat diamond, surrounded by smaller diamonds. Perhaps, making up the total 2 carat weight. Given these points, buyers have many options.

Suggestion : Choose a 2 carat diamond solitaire gemstone ring

Alternatively, choose an affordable gemstone. Equally sized, the Aquamarines below work very well. Especially, with a reduced budget. The overall effect is a 2 carat show. However, the cost comes out far less than a 2 carat diamond ring.

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