The round brilliant cut solitaire is a timeless classic. Here’s why!


Have you seen the most popular proposal and engagement rings are round-shaped? Come to think of it, does your favourite celebrity also sport a round solitaire of her ring finger? Is it just a mere coincidence or there is actually a reason behind it?

It’s time to unveil the reasons why round brilliant cut diamonds deserve the spotlight righteously.

Oh That Brilliance!

In layman terms, the round brilliant cut is the best scenario wherein maximum light passes through the top (crown) of the diamond and makes it sparkle the most. This is known as the brilliance of a diamond, something that has played an important role to make the brilliant round cut what it is today.

In fact, the brilliant round cut has gained so much popularity that it has eventually become a classic and the most sought-after piece out there!

Saving a Couple Of Bucks

As we said, the round brilliant cut diamond emits the maximum brilliance, you can go for a diamond with some inclusions and can be assured that none of it will be visible and you can get the IF (Internally Flawless) look at a budget price! 


There are various diamond setting like prong, bezel, bar, channel, etc. But do you know which solitaire shape can fit smoothly into all these settings? It’s round! The flexibility to fit into any setting is yet another reason why round brilliant cut has made it’s way to a classic!

One Man Army!

The round brilliant cut has such a vibrant look that it can pull the show on its own. So, a sparkling solitaire with a significant mounting will do so much with minimal effort while picking up a solitaire ring for your engagement. Moreover, you can skip the stones on either side and put your faith in that one stone to do the job!

And you know what, you can also add to this scintillating centre stone as the years go buy that can be worn together or separate as her heart fancies. Isn’t that a steal deal?

There’s Beauty In Simplicity!

Did you know, more than half of the diamonds sold are round brilliant cut diamonds? That says a lot about how people want to stick to the simple classic round cut diamonds when it comes to shopping for their fiancée or for themselves. I agree the fancy shape solitaires are quite lucrative but the round-shaped solitaires do have something about them that draws people towards them.

The modern-day round brilliant cut round solitaire has 58 dramatic facets! The Crown has – 1 table facet, 8 bezel facets, 8 star facets and 16 upper girdle facets while the pavilion has – 16 lower girdle facets, 8 pavilion main facets and 1 culet. 

This brilliant round cut diamond has taken over a century to reach perfection. So make sure your first solitaire is this one!

Featured Image Credits: Inside Weddings

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