What is a Bypass Ring? A Guide to Bypass Engagement Rings


Where do Bypass Engagement rings come from?

Dating back to the Victorian era Bypass engagement ring settings have grown more and more popular over time. Traditionally, the Bypass ring had been worn as an Engagement ring to symbolise two souls becoming one. And was usually set with two different coloured gemstones. More details on Victorian Jewellery.

The beautiful  ‘Flow’ 2 Stone Engagement Ring shown here with an open split design with two diamonds coupled together. 

What is a Bypass ring?

The bypass engagement ring style can be set with diamonds or gemstones. For example, characterised with a split or likewise a twist rather than a single straight line. We create bypass engagement ring settings in  ‘Art deco’ vintage ring styles. Or choose a design with a contemporary modern feel.

Purchasing Bypass engagement ring settings

Whether it be an heirloom diamond, gemstone, or a remodel of a current ring design we can create a Bypass engagement ring setting with this in mind. In addition, if you would prefer to go for the traditional bypass two stone setting we can supply a perfectly matched second stone.

Our Unity diamond ring is another perfect example of a Bypass Ring Style. 

Crafting a Bespoke Bypass Ring setting

Subsequently, with Bespoke options available we can add a modern twist onto the traditional style of the Bypass engagement rings. For instance, a single solitaire, 3 stone, a cluster, even a plain ring design.Bypass engagement rings example in 950 Platinum

Starburst – Bespoke 3 stone diamond ring as an example with twists and a split. 

Best precious metals for Bypass engagement rings

With a range of precious metals now available, it can be tricky to work out which one is the most suitable for a Bypass engagement rings. We get asked this question on a daily basis, our honest recommendation is always 950 Platinum for diamond or gemstone ring designs. For more information on Platinum, read our page: Guide to Platinum rings.

Bespoke design for Bypass engagement rings

With so many different ring styles available with details you like, it may be tricky to find a design that ticks all your boxes. This is why we offer a completely bespoke service. We create bespoke designs featuring your own requirements, therefore creating the perfect bypass engagement ring.

We start by creating CAD with intricate images of the proposed ring featuring different angles. This gives the freedom to amend any qualities until you are completely happy. For more information on our bespoke design visit A Guide to Bespoke Jewellery.

Bypass engagement ring CAD image

Example of our CAD work, supplied with every bespoke commission.  


Offsetting the cost of your new ring with existing gold

Whether you are remodelling a piece by re-using your own precious stones. Or perhaps you have some jewellery you no longer wear. We can offset the gram weight of the precious metal and deduct this from the final cost of your commission.

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