Platinum Jewellery Shopping Guide


Platinum is a silvery-white metal often used in jewellery. This subtle grey metal when designed with a sparkling solitaire makes a beautiful engagement ring. And not just rings, the platinum jewellery available at Candere also includes bands, earrings, chains, pendants, kada and bracelets. 

This article is the much-awaited platinum jewellery guide that you need to read before making a purchase:


We cannot stress enough on the importance of certification when it comes to fine jewellery. The same goes for platinum jewellery. Every platinum jewellery purchase should come with a certificate of authenticity that talks about the jewellery as well as the gemstones (if present). The jewellery certification is done by third-party international laboratories and not by the manufacturer. Make sure you ask for your certificate while making the purchase.

High Making Charge

Making charges or labour charges is the cost of designing and manufacturing a piece of jewellery. Platinum jewellery has higher making charge than gold. Since it is a hard metal, it has a high melting point for carving and filling. This also means that not only do you require skilled labour but also heavy machinery to make platinum jewellery. That’s why the making charge of platinum jewellery is higher than that of other jewellery.

Buyback Value

It’s important to know about the resale value of platinum jewellery before making a purchase. At Candere, we offer the best buyback option out there i.e. 75% of the current market value. Buyback is the policy of selling your jewellery to the same jewellery who sold you the jewellery. Please note, you reap the maximum profit by selling it back to the same manufacturer. While calculating the buyback value, the making charges and taxes are not considered.

Exchange Policy

If you’re planning to sell your jewellery and get a new one, make sure you go for exchange. The exchange policy at Candere gives you slightly more than buyback i.e. up to 80% of the current market value. Planning to exchange your engagement ring for a new one? Go for an exchange.

Platinum Demand

Recently, the demand for platinum jewellery has shot up and you’re here because you want to know why. While buying fine jewellery, gold is the first preference of most buyers. Unfortunately, the gold rate has almost doubled in the last two years. With the on-going pandemic, the gold rate is ever so increasing. That’s why many buyers are shifting to platinum to buy jewellery without stretching their budget.

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