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Vintage engagement rings and the allure of vintage diamond rings

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Jewellery designers adopt antique styling to evoke the feel and character of Antique jewellery. Genuine antique jewellery dates from the late 19th Century onwards.

Below, we show a selection of 8 new vintage engagement rings. Each design captures the elegance of past times.

We combine modern jewellery making techniques with brilliant-cut diamonds. As a result, we achieve outstanding results.

Bespoke design and the Tulip ring

Bespoke antique ring (left) crafted with three different sizes of diamond. We crafted this antique ring design with simple shoulders.

Tulip (right) rises with incredible detail. This incredible ring design features a round brilliant-cut diamond within a claw setting. Also, the arched halo adds drama and beauty to an exquisite ring.

Two vintage engagement rings, double milgrain diamond shoulders, and a flower styled halo

Vienna and Opera

The Vienna engagement ring captures attention with overlapping diamond shoulders. A classic round brilliant-cut diamond rests within a four claw setting. Antique detail from milgrain edges rises from a narrow band.

The Opera vintage diamond ring combines an ornate halo of grain-set diamonds with a brilliant-cut diamond. Again, styled with simple plain shoulders.

Flower Style and Tiffany Style Vintage Engagement Rings

Fern and Charleston

Fern remains one of our most popular antique diamond rings. Three trefoil claws surround the main diamond. Tiny full-cut diamonds sparkle from the shoulders. In addition, milgrain edges add vintage styling to this elegant design.

For the Charleston engagement ring, a classic Tiffany setting mixes with hand-engraved edges on each shoulder. In addition, diamonds add sparkle along the shoulders. In addition, the main diamond rises with a timeless six-claw setting.

Vintage diamond rings and old-cut diamonds

The above designs all capture the essence of vintage styling. Moreover, Our dedicated vintage engagement ring section features the elegance of the Edwardian Period. Also, the bold forms of the Art Deco Period. Many possibilities exist for bespoke ring designs.

As part of this service, we source authentic Old Mine cut and Victorian cut diamonds to add authenticity to bespoke styles.


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